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The USS Chuck Norris is a Star Trek role play-by-post sim set in 2386. We like to have fun here on the baddest ship in the history of the Federation. If you would like to join us, click here and submit your application today.


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Excellence in Creativity Award

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Latest News Items

» Defiant-Class Deck Plans

Posted on Thu Dec 14th, 2023 @ 8:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance in General News

Hey Crewmates!

I have been using an online resource of official deck plans for Star Trek Universe ships.


I have found this site extremely helpful when writing up descriptions of different locations on the ship. I occasionally deviate to aid the storyline, like making the XO's quarters two rooms, and there are some non-sequiters, like a turbolift to nowhere on Deck, but overall I find it useful in maintaining continuity.

LT Lance

» Fleet Awards

Posted on Sat Jun 24th, 2023 @ 12:20pm by Admiral Ken Gillis in General News

Good day to you all!

Please find this month’s Fleet Awards HERE.

Unfortunately there is no representation from the Chuck Norris this month, but given that we’ve only just got the sim restarted, I’m sure that will change in the coming months! There’s certainly enough talent onboard!

Keep up the good work, and tell your friends about us! We’re always looking for players to join our crew!

Captain Paxton Beckett


» Departure of a Crewmember

Posted on Fri Sep 24th, 2021 @ 2:24am by Captain Aurther Winters in General News

Good Day All,

Lieutenant Djon Zyngh has decided that his writing style no longer coincides with the style of the sim. For this reason he has chosen to depart from the sim. We wish him well on his future endeavors.

For this reason, his characters will be written off the sim, however the current mission of "Death's Triangle" will continue, but the First Contact element can be put to the sideline.

Thank you,


» Clearing up the Personnel Roster

Posted on Thu Aug 26th, 2021 @ 6:27pm by Captain Aurther Winters in General News

Good Day Everyone,

As some of you may have seen, from the last post of our current mission, to the Personnel Roster, there has been a purge to remove inactive players. All those players had not posted in over 3 months, and not logged in for over 2. I would like to make sure that our newer players, and anyone interested can get their choice to positions that are open.

I made this announcement in the discord, but I am also going to make it here. If you still would like to be listed as an active character, please let me know. As I have always said, I just would like to know one way or the other. If you want to stay, great! If you are overwhelmed and don't have the time to invest, that it okay as well. The door is always open to return if choose to leave. The main point of course just being, if you haven't logged in, in over 1 month, or posted in over 2, please reach out to me via here or on Discord.

Thank you!

» A New Crewmember

Posted on Thu Aug 26th, 2021 @ 5:53pm by Captain Aurther Winters in General News

=/\= Incoming Transmission =/\=

All hands this is the Captain, please welcome aboard the newest crewmember on the Chuck Norris:

Lieutenant JG Lyra Blake will be taking over the position as our Chief Medical Officer.

Please take the time to welcome them to the crew!

Thank you,

Captain Winters

=/\= End Transmission =/\=

Latest Mission Posts

» Home sweet home

Mission: Starbase 364
Posted on Tue Jul 16th, 2024 @ 4:02pm by Captain Mira Rodale & Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance


The walk to their quarters was quiet until they entered. Vaytoc looked around and gave a sneeze.

"Someone has been here." Mira told Kevin, and he handed her Kolar.

Kolar kept squirming, wanting down. "Play!"

"In a minute, little guy. Daddy is checking to make sure it is…

» Roll for surprise!

Mission: Starbase 364
Posted on Sun Jul 14th, 2024 @ 5:53pm by Lieutenant Betaras K'ner


{ Somewhere in a valley, in the world of Eclipcis Ecos }

K'ner hunkered down in the bushes, letting her senses extend outward. The hazy square next to her head advised she could smell the creatures ahead, but something was off with it.

Since she was still new to…

» Planning for a Picnic

Mission: Starbase 364
Posted on Sun Jul 14th, 2024 @ 5:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance & Captain Mira Rodale

{Mess Hall}

=/\= "Ensign Mariten. Report to the Emergency Bridge, please." =/\=

Zimia frowned as she looked over at Chin in the mess hall. "Emergency bridge?"

Chin shrugged. "My guess is the warhead cockpit. Zimia nodded she knew where that was. Mira had helped her change out some equipment…

» Plans to relax

Mission: Starbase 364
Posted on Sun Jul 14th, 2024 @ 4:30pm by Lieutenant Betaras K'ner & Captain Mira Rodale & Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance & Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti & Lieutenant Lucian Almeida


{USS Chuck Norris, Bridge}

Mira walked on to the bridge, waving G'ginloss to keep sitting. "Go ahead and dock us. Then, release the crew."

He nodded. "Do you have plans Captain?" he asked her.

Mira nodded. "The crew has three days, then we head out again."

She grinned at…

» I Hate appointments

Mission: Starbase 364
Posted on Sun Jul 14th, 2024 @ 4:43am by Captain Mira Rodale

{USS Chuck Norris, Personal quarters}

It wasn't long after leaving Kevin in sickbay that Mira had taken Kolar to Zimia. She and Dianna were having another play date with the kids, and while Mira would love to watch the children play and giggle, she had an appointment with the…

Latest Personal Logs

» Personal logs

Posted on Sun Jun 2nd, 2024 @ 6:13pm by Captain Mira Rodale


{Personal logs}

Mira took a seat in her office. Her ribs were killing her. Picking up her PADD to see if anything required her attention right now. Scrolling down the reports, she found nothing that couldn’t wait.

Kevin had finally gone to his quarters for some much need sleep.…


Posted on Thu May 30th, 2024 @ 7:00pm by Ensign Geneva Thorne

I feel stupid even writing this. I feel like a school girl after kissing my first boy.

The kiss, it was the best I've ever had. Maybe it was the build up, or the tension that's been building between us that just came to a head. It was strong, yet…

» We’re going on a mission!

Posted on Fri Mar 8th, 2024 @ 7:08am by Lieutenant T'Pralik

Personal log, Stardate 48315.6

Its been a wild few weeks. I’m now on my 15th day, and I’ve been told by the others that we’re again going on a mission. And worst of all? I’m going to have to go with them. On an alien planet. With primitive barbarians using…

» The Arrival

Posted on Wed Feb 21st, 2024 @ 7:50pm by Lieutenant T'Pralik

he crew was buzzing with restlessness. After a few weeks of shore leave, it was proving difficult for many to adapt back to their normal lives aboard the Chuck Norris. Or then they were always like this, after all, this was Lieutenant T'Pralik's first day aboard the ship. She'd stepped…

» I'm a father

Posted on Mon Feb 12th, 2024 @ 11:43pm by Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti

Well my sister has me and Dianna beamed back on the ship and we went straight to medical. I held her hand while she laid on the bio bed.

K'ner is amazing it didn't take long to see that indeed Dianna was pregnant, I think my Klingon DNA is too…