Personal logs

Posted on Sun Jun 2nd, 2024 @ 6:13pm by Captain Mira Rodale


{Personal logs}

Mira took a seat in her office. Her ribs were killing her. Picking up her PADD to see if anything required her attention right now. Scrolling down the reports, she found nothing that couldn’t wait.

Kevin had finally gone to his quarters for some much need sleep. Mira was hoping he found the more spacious quarters more restful. She had moved his desk out from his main quarters and put a couch in what used to be the hallway. But she left the rest for him to decide what he wanted.

Zimia had Kolar in the briefing room playing and she was with her mind to cluttered to think straight. She rubbed her fingertips over her forehead to relieve some of the pain starting to form.

OK, let's see if making a personal report will help she thought.

"Computer, open personal logs."

There was beep, Mira bit her lip. She was really bad with keeping up with these things.

"While I had planned on giving the crew extra down time to recover from our last mission and to start to train on dealing with the Gorn. Admiral Proll had other plans. We are heading for Romulan space and should be crossing the neutral zone by morning.

I have no idea what is in-store for us. The Romulans want to talk. Any other time I have had dealing with them, they have always had something up their sleeves. My guess is it will be the same this time. Of course, now we will be dealing with a self centered know it all as well as sneaky Romulans. I have given the heads up to Lt. Kronnelti on what he could expect from our ........Ambassador. Of all people to have to protect, it had to be him? I swear the universe is out to get me. Computer save and end recording. "

Mira slowly stood and stretched to see how bad her ribs were. They hurt...... but she lifted up her shirt. Yes, they were turning colors. Lovely. At least Kevin wouldn't see them. It would make her workout with Kolar more painful tomorrow. Or she could just go to sickbay and have them take care of it. But then they would make a report, questions would be asked, and then Kevin would find out.

He really didn't like it when she got hurt. She bit her lip. Their relationship was in a little bit of a comfortable holding pattern. She had hoped it would have developed a little farther with some time at the base, but here they were on another mission, and they hadn't even had time for another date.


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