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Captain Mira Rodale

Name Mira Angelina Rodale

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 100
Hair Color Auburn (long to her waist.)
Eye Color Blue (dark blue)
Physical Description Short, slim and petite. One would almost think she couldn't knock you off your feet until she shows you other wise. Standard Trill markings.


Spouse Maj. Kolar sutai-Rasmehlier (deceased)
Children Son: Kolar Rodale Lance (Trill/ human)
Father Vanone Rodale, Trill, Successful business man (deceased)
Mother Jana Rodale, Trill, Ambassador (deceased)
Brother(s) Von Rodale Lox, Trill (joined), former Trill Council Delegate
Lox being the name of her brother 's symbiont.
Other Family Uncle: Koban Rodale, Trill, Vanone's twin brother, married to Kaya
Aunt: Kaya Rodale(by marriage), Trill, married to Koban
Uncle: Eran Rodale, Trill, youner brother to Koban, married to Sheana, lives on Betazed with her, no children
Aunt: Sheana Rodale(by marriage), Betazoid, married to Eran, no children
Cousin(M): Doran Rodale, Trill, eldest son of Koban
Cousin(M): Kaylor Rodale, Trill, second eldest son of Koban, Mika's twin brother
Cousin(M): Mika Rodale, Trill, third eldest son of Koban, Kaylor's twin brother
Cousin(M): Jorna Rodale, Trill, second youngest son of Koban, married to Ceta
Cousin(F): Ceta Rodale(by marriage), Trill, married to Jorna
Cousin(M): Ator Rodale, Trill, youngest son of Koban
Cousin(F): Kiara Rodale, Trill (not joined), Starfleet Officer, only daughter and youngest child of Koban. Mate :Captain K’lar Rasmehlier of the USS Conqueror
Uncle Thor Thorngard , human wife Helga

Personality & Traits

General Overview Traits:
Tends to have way too much fun off duty. Because of her energy level she is always doing something to keep busy. Mok'bara, Dahar exercise, free rock climbing (because it fills a few needs. Pushes her body to its limits and fills the adrenaline junkie side of her psyche.) Spelunking for the same reason. Proficient in hand to hand combat training in many martial arts from around the Galaxy. Proficient with many hand weapons but excels in the use of the kar'takin, mek'leth, bat'leth, d'k tahg and Trill daggers. Target practice has always been a favorite pass time as is playing Vulcan lute and reading . One of her only sit still activities. She is a joined Trill because of a choice she made to keep her memories on the alien ship Eden.

Very open-minded, good-natured and fun loving. Likes Intercultural exchanges with other species and challenges. Best not to dare her, she will more they likely take you on it just to prove you wrong.

Strengths & Weaknesses She has very little fear of death in fact in her off time she seem to court it way to much. That in its self can be a strength and weakness. Being so opened minded about other beings let's her see things far differently then most people view them and has added her in first contact situations.
Ambitions To get thought the next day. after the traumatic experience of being marooned on a hostel planet for 4 years and that her mate is MIA, listed as dead.. To get by she pours herself into her work and playing to hard. Giving her no time to think. Just rebuild her life
Hobbies & Interests Mok'bara, free rock climbing. Pushing her body to its limits and being an adrenaline junkie Spelunking , hand to hand combat training in many martial arts from around the Galaxy. hand weapons :kar'takin, mek'leth, bat'leth, d'k tahg Trill Daggers, music and reading.

Personal History Youngest of 2 children. Parents killed in an accident on Trill. They were killed then a bomb when off in their shuttle. She was 7 at then time. Has one older brother who is a joined Trill (they don't get along)
Mira was raised by a family friend on Betazed and traveled alot for his work. Ambassador M'Niras /Caitian
Service Record Before going to Star Fleet Academy, she studied diplomatic training (diplomatic relations) and worked as a diplomatic aid for Ambassador Janxa of Trill. She enrolled in the program to become a joined trill and had passed all the tests needed to do so. But after seeing the change in her brother, she decided it was not what she wanted.

She left Trill that night and signed aboard a commercial freighter, Eclipse where she served as an Pilot/ Communications Officer; she transferred to Risa worked in security then transfer to Earth , where she finally decided at the urging of her cousin Kiara Rodale to enter Star Fleet. There, she chose Communications as her major in Bridge Operations' branch.

Graduated from Star Fleet Academy at age 23 in Bridge Operations' branch. Took courses in various languages. fluent in Federation Standard, Betazoid, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan, Andorian, Bolian, Ferengi, Orion, Gorn, Trill, Risan, Bajoran, Benzites, etc total 34. Is a natural linguist. Majored in communication systems, starship sensors, damage control procedures, and ship allocations. Can pilot shuttles and is very proficient with small weapons.

Major/Minor Area(s) of study:

Major: communication systems and first contact situation
Minor: starship sensors and damage control procedures, bridge operators

Previous Assignments:
-Starbase 10-
Aug. 10, 2378
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Expertise: Chief Communications Officer

October, 2378 - Promotion

Nov. 27, 2378 - Promotion
Lieutenant Commander

March 1, 2379 - Transfer and Promotion
-Deep Space 15-
Expertise: Executive Officer

July 4, 2379 - Promotion

Jan 1 2382 - MIA

2386 - Found, Rejoined Starfleet as Chief Operations officer USS Chuck Norris as Lieutenant Commander.
Jan 2 2387 Promoted to Commander
Feb 26 2387 became a joined Trill.
March 7 2387 Promoted to Captain

Awards and Commendations:
Special Operations Ribbon

Commendations: None.

Reprimands: None.

Honors and Decorations:
November 27, 2378: Starfleet Cross
January 11, 2379: Distinguished Service Award