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Lieutenant Betaras K'ner

Name Betaras NMI K'ner

Position Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Combat Medic

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Flaxian
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 188
Hair Color Dark Brownish
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Flaxians had mottled, light brown skin, with bumped ridges above the eyes, along the mouth, and on the nose and nostrils. Their foreheads included a central line of silvery nodules.

Tendrils extend from their foreheads and could be incorporated into the hair, while more tendrils hang from their chins, as well as the back of their hands.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Betaras A'ner
Mother Betaras Esi'ner
Brother(s) Betaras Ki'ner - deceased
Sister(s) Betaras Eso'ner
Betaras Ess'ner
Other Family various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Betaras K'ner led an average life growing up... right up until her brother was killed in an accident. While most Flaxians live a militaristic, disciplined life, K'ner was much more easygoing. After her brother's death, his family rarely acknowledged his past existence, which led K'ner to choose another path... enlisting in SF Academy, although still pursuing a military path.
Strengths & Weaknesses Extremely focused, thorough, and loyal, K'ner has bonded with her teammates, who have become her brothers. She can have a tendency take chances in her combat medic role, in the view of saving a life, but thus far she's been able to pull it off with the help of her team having her back. She also has an affinity for demo and has cross-trained with the team's demolition specialist.
Ambitions Protect her team, and thusly, complete the mission. Leave no mate behind. Continue learning to pilot support craft. She has no urgent aspirations to leadership but she will handle it if/when that time comes. She shirks no responsibility given to her.
Hobbies & Interests Underwater exploration and sailing large bodies of water. The physics of wind and water and current fascinate her. She regularly works on maintaining her physical fitness so that she's at maximum potential for getting the mission done and getting everyone back alive.

Personal History K'ner was involved with the family business, as most Flaxians are, up until her brother's death. Her family's inability to acknowledge him afterwards led her to enlist at SF.

She has an easy-going nature when idle, but is extremely focused during a mission or training. She has been described as a little rough around the edges, but so has most of her team, so she feels she fits right in with her new brothers and sisters.

She can be somewhat aloof with people she doesn't know, until she has become acquainted enough to know whether she can trust them or not, as well as count on them in a stressful situation.

She took on a version of her late brother's name as an homage when she left her home and registered with it at SF.
Service Record SF Academy
Marine Liaison
Combat Medic Pipeline
USS B'lee
USS Chuck Norris