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Lieutenant T'Pralik

Name T'Pralik

Position Chief Counselor

Second Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 70kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description T'Pralik has thick wavy light brown hair reaching a little past her shoulders, which she generally keeps loose. Her skin is pale, with many freckles dotted around her cheeks. Her eyebrows, are less noticeable than most Vulcans', and she could almost pass for a human in this aspect. Her ears, pointed like all other Vulcans', are generally hidden behind her thick bush of her. Her eyes are approximately the same colour as her hair.

Her body is a little plump, standing tall at around 5'8, and weighing 70kg. Her face is rather circular, unlike the stereotypical Vulcan's.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Growing up in an orphanage being abused by the other children, she learned long ago to be wary of trusting others. Thus, even when she did her studying in university and Starfleet Academy, she was rather isolated socially, preferring to not work with others. She is however good at talking, and is especially good at coaxing her patients into trusting her. Deep inside, she is a very caring person, she is simply yet to find someone who deserves her love.

She is not very versed in social situations, and often makes assumptions about how others will react to what she says.
As a counsellor, she tries to employ the same tactics she used in the orphanage, generally advising her patients to be more defensive than proactive, and wait out their problems.

Unlike most people left at orphanages, T'Pralik has never wanted to know the identities of her parents. While others may dream dreams of how they are great heroes or princes on faraway planets, she's always simply accepted that they were people, people who didn't want her to be their child. She is not angry at them, she simply accepts it, as a fact of the universe.
Strengths & Weaknesses T'Pralik's main strength is her ability of persuasion, being able to convince her patients to accept her treatment. However, she can often be a little impatient when they don't listen to her, which can severely hamper her job efforts.
Ambitions T'Pralik is not especially ambitious. Her struggles as a child taught her to not pursue glory, and she simply wishes to serve the Starfleet as well as she can. While serving on a larger ship would definitely help her do this, she is content to stay on the Chuck Norris until Starfleet Command moves her.
Hobbies & Interests T'Pralik has always had a deep love of Soap carving. When she was a child, a carer at the orphanage gave her a bar of soap, and taught her how to carve it to form sculptures. She continued this art throughout her life, creating intricate sculptures, and then using them for washing her hands. She finds the act of slowly destroying the art pieces she worked on for ages very therapeutic.
Her most impressive art piece was a miniature model of the London Eye, which took her 3 weeks to complete.
When sculpting, she often works all day all night without resting for multiple days, until crashing and sleeping for 24+ hours, before working again.

Personal History T'Pralik's parents were in London when they appeared at Her Majesty's London Youth Orphanage (shortened as HMLYO), where they dropped off the 5 days old Vulcan child, with no explanation, or name for themselves, or the child. They then left, and were never heard from again.

The Headmaster of the Orphanage, Leila Goodsworth – affectionately known by the orphans as *the Matriarch* – took T'Pralik in immediately, and named her after a hero from a Vulcan Folktale, in which a village is threatened by a drought, and running out of food and water. The Hero travels for 13 days and 13 nights in the Vulcan desert without food or water, ultimately passing out, unable to find the next village. She was rescued by a wandering trader, and together they reached the next village, and were able to rouse help. The moral of the story, was that one should never give up.

The orphanage had around 30 children, most of whom came there as infants, and first left when they became adults. While the majority were humans, there were a few who were other-worlders. The carers of the orphanage made sure that there was as little racism in the orphanage as possible, and the children generally worked and played together despite their differences. However, T'Pralik was the exception. Being Vulcan, it was assumed that she would hide her emotions and only show her logic. However, when this proved to not be the case, she was constantly bullied about it.

The constant animosity towards her made her a very solitary and independent person, and she spent the majority of her days shut up in her room, trying to figure out ways to remove her emotions. It was first when she turned 13, that she gave in, and decided that she, in spite of everyone in the orphanage, was going to become a Therapist, and help others with their emotions, instead of trying to remove her own. Its been her dream ever since.

She graduated the local high school at the top of her class. It was often complained that she was a teachers pet, but she didn't really give a damn about what anyone thought, she just wanted to do her best.

When she applied for the renowned Oxford University, she got in immediately. She was given a dorm with a Tellarite and two humans. The three others originally tried to be friendly to her, but once they realised that she did not trust them in the slightest, they too gave up, and rarely spoke to her, only doing it when absolutely necessary.

When she worked with her patients, she soon learned how to coax them into trusting her, the same way she had seen the carers at the orphanage had done to the children underneath their care.

In University, T'Pralik spent all her time studying, and occasionally sculpting soap. Not once in her entire time at the University did she attend a social event. She thought that they were dumb, and had no idea why someone would attend a social event when they could/should be studying for their next test.

When she graduated with a Masters degree in Psychology, she was chosen out by Starfleet Command, who offered her a 1 year course in Starfleet Academy in London, before shipping her away to serve as a Counsellor in the stars. She immediately accepted, as she had heard stories of the great missions that starfleet ships went on.

At Starfleet Academy she again failed to socialise very much. She was finally able to meet many others of her kind, but they were always disappointed to hear how she was becoming a counsellor, and displaying her emotions, instead of following the path of Surak.