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This is an open role playing Star Trek sim set in the TNG/DSN/VOY era. Players of all types and styles are welcome.

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USS Chuck Norris facts:

* The USS Chuck Norris is Star Fleet's only 24th century ship named after a living person.
* The USS Chuck Norris is the first starship with a roundhouse kick in its weapons arsenal.
* The USS Chuck Norris doesn't carry photon torpedoes. Opening hailing frequencies usually does the trick.
* Captain Picard was offered command of the USS Chuck Norris, but turned it down because he wanted to seek out new life, not kill it.
* The USS Chuck Norris broke the starship speed record. Its warp engines were installed the next day.
* The USS Chuck Norris rarely engages its engines. Its transporter range is the entire universe.
* Q once tried to appear on the bridge of the USS Chuck Norris. He's still in the brig.
* The USS Chuck Norris has never raised its shields. No one would dare fire on the Chuck Norris.
* The Borg tried to assimilate the USS Chuck Norris. Their collective consciousness now belongs to Chuck Norris.
* The USS Chuck Norris doesn't have a life support system. It doesn't need a crew.
* The USS Chuck Norris launched on Monday. The Q continuum surrendered on Tuesday.
* The USS Chuck Norris doesn't use phasers or photon torpedoes. Its roundhouse kick is much more effective, and instantly deadly.

The USS Chuck Norris was originally launched on January 2, 2012 under the command of Captain Dick Sprague. The ship won the Most Creative award at the 2014 Simulation Cup (aka Tournament of Simulations, ToS). See our Role Play Wiki page for more information about our history.

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