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Diversion, Retrieval and Revenge

Posted on Tue Apr 2nd, 2024 @ 3:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance & Captain Mira Rodale & Lieutenant Betaras K'ner
Edited on on Thu Apr 4th, 2024 @ 12:14am

Mission: Blood wine and vengeance
Location: Qo’nos
Timeline: Current

{Outside J'pok's headquarters}


Sixty seconds after Kevin's transmission, Thall stood up from his waiting position and held his bat'leth high above his head as he shouted, "FOR HOUSE RASMEHLIER!" and charged forward.

Immediately, the dozen hand picked warriors from House Rasmehlier and K'lar converged on the pair of sentries guarding the entry of the compound where they assumed that Kolar was being held. Thall hoped that the human was correct in his analysis.

As he charged forward with disruptor bolts lancing towards the guards from behind him, Thall felt the bloodlust rising within him. It had been far too long since he last tasted a real battle and he hoped that J'pok's warriors would stand and fight. It was definitely a good day to die.


Kevin heard Thall's war cry and began counting. Within a ten count, alarms in the compound blared out a warning and another 30 counts later, Kevin observed guards rushing past his position toward the front gate where Thall was leading his warriors. Kevin continued to wait impatiently until he was confident that no more guards were come, then he broke cover and raced for the building.

He was going to need all of his holodeck parkour training to pull this off. He quickly clambered up the side of the building and within a minute was on the roof. Far off to his left, three Klingons knelt with disruptor rifles, firing towards the attacking force. They didn't see Kevin at all, they were so preoccupied with their task. So far so good, Kevin thought as he advanced towards a door that presumably would lead down into the building.


Below, the Haz Team members moved, all keeping an eye on the moving dots. Deena and Taz had taken on the two guards that had stayed in place. The guards were grumbling that they couldn't rush to the fight and actually looked delighted when the duo appeared almost in front of them... exit door clear. Nod joined them and stood next to the door as they other two dragged the wounded but unconscious Klingons out of sight. Roadie and Deena moved inside...

K'ner launched up the wall, loving the architecture that gave her plenty of holds and edges to push off against. She could see that blue dot moving across roof, and the lack of reaction from the brown dots seemed to indicate they hadn't noticed his movement. His elevation changed so he must've gained an entrance into the building.

She keyed a message to Roadie. "We need to neutralize that jammer so the Lionheart can get beam them out when they open up." Roadie acknowledged as the trio cleared rooms.

K'ner peered over the rooftop edge. Sliding over, she casually walked towards the door the XO must've taken, tossing a foam grenade in the direction of the three firing down into their allies, resulting in a soft floooom. She slowly pushed the door open, scanning, then stepped out quietly, following the XO, and the brown dots.


Thall swept his bat’leth at the warrior opposite him, slicing his opponent’s arm off just below the elbow. This is glorious! he thought as he reveled in the kill, the iron odor of blood and burnt flesh rising in the air around him. Several of his warriors had fallen but many more of the enemy littered the battleground. He himself had suffered several lacerations, none too deep, and the burning sensation of the near-hit from a disruptor bolt was beginning push through his adrenaline rush. His shoulder would be sore if not incapacitated tomorrow but for now he could still fight.

There was a sudden slackening of sniper fire from the roof of J’pok’s headquarters. Thall had neglected to leave behind any of his own warriors to counter them and they has been the most effective at decimating his warriors, forcing them to fight and advance from behind cover. Thall wasn’t going to look a gift targ in the mouth, however, and he urged his warriors forward to press the enemy and gain access to the headquarters building.


Kevin swept the third story of the build with his disruptor at the ready. As he expected, Thall’s diversionary attack had drawn out most of the warriors. He only encountered female and older Klingons assigned, he presumed, to clerical and custodial tasks. Still, even an elderly Klingon was a potential threat and Kevin struck all of them down with disruptor shots as he encountered them.

Unlike Star Fleet issued weapons, the Klingon disruptor was only intended to kill. Kevin had set the weapon to its lowest setting and his shots, although lethal, at least gave his victims a good chance of surviving until help arrived. Of course, he planned to be long gone by then.

He prioritize the rooms in the center of the building and mostly ignored unlocked and unguarded doors. Kevin reasoned that even with J’pok’s absence and the diversion caused by Thall, Kolar would not be left unsecure and unguarded. Not finding his son on the third floor, Kevin descended to the second.

K'ner worked along behind the commander


Mira felt this place was made in such a way to make everyone feel small. The men had been arguing for a half an hour. Her eyes would go to Isbethal's to see if she had heard anything on her son but it would seem no news. At least J’pok seemed unaware of the assault on his headquarters. In a few moments a challenge would be made.

The greetings and small talk over, the Chancellor called the High Council to order. Almost immediately and without any consideration of the rules of seniority, Mira jumped up and loudly protested the abduction of her son.

“Lady Rasmehlier,” Chancellor Martok spoke gravely, “As you have rejected leadership of your House you have no official standing in these proceedings.”

Mira raised an eyebrow "and yet here I am. Perhaps I should just leave and handle things my way. "

“You may do as you will,” Martok continued unfazed by the verbal assault, “J’pok’s challenge to House Rasmehlier must be settled before any subsequent challenge is address. And seeing as neither Gharal nor Thall is present to defend the House the Council may be forced to make an arbitrary ruling. Unless, of course, you decide to take up the mantle of leadership, and all that it entails, yourself.”

Mira closed her eyes, Yep she walked right into this. Son of a targ! The stupid choices of a 19 years old to fall for a klingon male. But then again if not for Kolar saving her from a horrible life of slavery with the Orions she wouldn't be standing here at all."

Vaytoc purred draw her attention to him. She smiled, " I know big guy"

"I Lady Mira Rodale Rasmehlier of the house Rasmehlier do stand to answer any challenges."

Chancellor Martok smiled as the High Council chamber descended into pandemonium.


On the second floor, Kevin found what he was looking for. A room in the center of the building was guarded by two warriors, distracted by the sounds of battle from outside and trying to get updates from the comrades through the electronic interference that the Lionheart was creating. In their distracted state, Kevin leveled his disruptor and fired two shots in succession, dropping both guards to the ground.

Kevin moved rapidly up to their position and fired an additional lethal shot into the unconscious forms. Unlike the “civilians” in the facility, he wanted to ensure these two never drew another blade, or another breath for that matter.

He waved his hand over the control pad for the door and nothing happened. He cursed silently and picked up the smaller of the dead Klingons. Despite his strength, Kevin had trouble lifting the pliant body and holding its hand up to the control panel. He was considering sawing the limb off when he successfully positioned the hand on the control pad and was rewarded with the door sliding open.

The room inside was dark, illuminated only by soft lights that revealed a crib on the far side. Kevin entered the room and closed the door behind him, heedless of whether or not it could be opened from inside. He didn’t intend to leave the way that he had come in.

He heard happy cooing sounds from the crib as he approached. Inside was a toddler with blonde hair and a familiar pattern of spots running from temples to shoulders and down inside the onesie that the child was dressed in. No way that J’pok had two children that matched the description. Kevin carefully picked up the child, cradle him in one arm as he tapped the recovery code on his comm badge with his free hand. Kolar focused in on Kevin and almost immediately began wailing.

Kevin was so put off by Kolar’s reaction that he almost missed the attack of an undetected Klingon assailant.

{back at the High Council}

Pandemonium was still going strong.

"An unmated woman can not lead a House!" one of the Klingons shouted

"Lady Grilka leads her own House," another Klingon shouted back, "As did the Duras sisters!"

In another part of the hall, "She isn't even Klingon!"

"Neither was the head of the House of Quark. And he displayed greater courage and honor than did D'Ghor!"

"Now you have done did it, my friend." Isbethal wispered in her ear. "I have a few targets that will need to be removed from the game." she nodded.

Mira's eyes moved around, trying to pick out any threats. "That old goat knew I wouldn't be able to walk away from a challenge. Thor always said it would get me into hot water."

Isbethal grinned. "What did he say?"

Mira frowned as she tried to remember but Latinum and something about her butt. Was the only thing that came to mind.

She knew Kevin didn't like anything Klingon. Was this going to hurt their relationship? There were too many people in the house, Rasmehlier, that could be harmed if J’pok took over. Mira sat down OK, new plan, hold the house of one of her nephews.

ghuy'cha'. She cursed it would be a few more minutes of Klingons yelling and Martok hitting the table with that claw thingy he liked to hit to get everyone attention.

J'pok the QI'yaH didn't look happy at all. He yelled "do you know who my father is" At someone that Mira knew back her own house.

Before really thinking much about it or even if she should say anything at all Mira answered "No, why didn't your mother tell you who he was?"

OH YEAH. Mira thought as a new round of chaos broke out. More then half the people were laughing. The rest were still fighting. "We should have brought popcorn." Mira whispered.

"You are so bad" Isbethal grinned. "Maybe coming to these meetings once in a while wouldn't be so bad after all."


Thall's warriors had cleared the courtyard of J'pok's warriors and were battling their way into the building. Kevin son of Ni'kolai has said to keep outside of the building but he had not contacted Thall to give the all clear and Thall was reluctant to restraint the warriors who thought that they were the main effort.

Still, he could dilute their efforts without impeding on their honor "D'Kar!" he shouted, "Take three warriors and enter from the rear of the building.

D'Kar looked at Thall for an instant as if the majordomo had lost his mind, then nodded in acknowledgement, "As you command!"

That should give the Son of Ni'kolai another few minutes.


The Klingon assailant made their presence known to Kevin by unleashing a battle cry at the last instant. Rather than turn to meet the attack, Kevin instinctively curled his body around Kolar protectively. That had the fortunate coincidence of changing the assailant's point of attack from his neck to his shoulder.

The point of the assailants d'k tahg, off angled, bounced off of the hooded leather long coat that he was wearing a slid halfway down his shoulder blade before catching and cutting through leather, cloth, skin and muscle. Pain coursed through his shoulder and he bellowed in raged as he turned to bring his pistol to bear on his attacker.

The attacker gave a well aimed kick to Kevin's wrist and the weapon flew from his hand. The assailant plunged their d'k tahg in a downward arc that Kevin deflected with his free arm, then grabbed the attacker's wrist bending it backwards.

Kevin finally got a good look at the attacker. It was an old Klingon woman. He recognized her as the one from the video that J'pok had shared of Kolar as proof of life. He twisted hard until the woman gasped and dropped the Klingon knife.

Kevin has lost track of time since he had tapped the recovery code but Lionheart should be transporting him and Kolar at any moment. Kevin released the woman's wrist and gave her a mighty shove with his booted foot. She was flung backwards into a chair on rockers but she bounce up almost immediately and in a flash was on top of Kevin, trying to rake him with her fingernails.

Kevin grabbed the front of her dress has pushed her as far away from Kolar as possible. The boy continued his high-pitched squall as Kevin felt the tell-tale tingle of transport. He tried releasing the woman but she refused to retreat and in the end Kevin had to grab the front of her dress again to keep her fingernails away from his face.

Then a moment later, all three disappeared from the room.

{Haz Team}

K'ner noticed the three dots in the room disappear and breathed a sigh as she turned and bent suddenly, the Klingon's bat'leth just grazing over her shoulder. Her hand came up in a flash, coming around then turning upward sharply as the other hand met in a grip on her own captured bat'leth and sliced along the Klingon's wrist. Unable to hold his weapon, it dropped to the floor as he screamed, both in pain and his rage. K'ner kicked it away, screaming her own epitaph, along with her boot seemingly rising of its own accord and meeting the fleshy face of her opponent, silencing his scream sharply. He looked at her in surprise, then collapsed to the floor.

"Is everyone clear?" K'ner watched the dots on her HUD, only one moving at the moment. As soon as it stopped she heard Nod.

"I am now/" Nod's voice came across the SR comms.

"Exit strategy... execute execute execute."

They each made their way to the roof, a couple of amused chuckles at the foam-bloated mass that contained the three rooftop marksmen.

K'ner waved them over to her perch as she watched several of Thall's warriors making for the rear.

"Time to go. Everyone get away clear?" She noticed Taz was holding was holding her hood on one side.

"One got my hood off... but he won't be passing along any descriptions. As far as they're concerned, Thall's warriors were everywhere."

K'ner nodded. "The XO made a bit of a mess where he didn't use a disruptor, but he didn't leave anything damning behind either. Roadie, get all the vid data loaded and start analyzing. I wanna know who all these people are and what house or houses have served ole J-dung. Meanwhile, let's get back before we get left behind and we have to find our own ride!"

Once it was clear below, they shot lines over to the next compound, sliding over almost soundlessly then retrieving the lines. Checking over each other, they filed out into the street, working quietly but quickly away from the area and back to their exit point.

{ Admiral's Yacht }

K'ner and Deena each examined the team while they recovered in their sequestered little space. A good operation easily taxed everyone's energy reserves and they were appreciating the break, food, and drink. Wounds abounded, although mostly bruises. The suits sealed up penetrations, which prevented more blood loss, but in this case, prevented them from leaving biological evidence behind. The wounds would heal, and the suits cleaned and repaired. K'ner sent another medical update on the status of equipment in the sickbay, that Kotsoo or one of the remaining team on the 'Norris would understand as mission accomplished, headed home. She looked at the reports coming in from the High Council's chambers... oh how she wished she could have seen that...


Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance
Executive Officer
USS Chuck Norris


Captain Mira Rodale
CO USS Chuck Norris


Lt Betara K'ner
Hazard Team TL-B / Acting CMO
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