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Training Overload...

Posted on Mon Apr 1st, 2024 @ 11:11pm by Lieutenant Betaras K'ner
Edited on on Tue Apr 2nd, 2024 @ 1:30am

Mission: Starbase 364
Location: Starbase 364 - Klingon Levels
Timeline: Current

[ SB-364, Klingon sickbay and messhall ]

Abressa Tela felt every muscle in her body, even the ones she hadn't been tacitly aware of thus far in her short life. She looked sideways in the biobed next to hers, noting Peke still had that stupid smile on his face that he always does.

Looking the other way she was proud to see two Klingons from the other team also lying back, although complaining to keep from fighting the medics. One looked her way, grumbling and spits epitaphs, then laughed deeply that ended up in a cough and a groan.

"You fight well Atrosian. I would be honored to stand and hold a battle line alongside you."

Lt Tela nodded, her ribs throbbing so she didn't breathe too deeply or make conversation. The team had gained an initial advantage, then lost some ground, then it was a scramble and a fight to the end of the course that had been laid out. Ultimately we lost, in points, but it was close... close enough that no one really lost face win or lose. The Klingons did keep score, that was for sure and would come up later at the next scrimmage.

She could hear Kotsoo arguing medical treatment with the Klingon medics and wondered where Chbet and Korra had gotten off to. At least those two could sit in a corner somewhere and not get into trouble. She couldn't say the same about Peke, although to look at him now, he was working out the logistics of some prank running through his peavey brain while getting his bones knitted back together.

Later, they shared a meal in the Klingon mess. They sat amongst the opposing team, everyone regaling tales both grand and glorious. She didn't remember some of the stuff she heard, but she just sat back and yelled now and then. Some of the others currently on the station came over, they'd trained with a few in the regular decks above before now so it was nice to be able to come down here for a change, not to mention most restaurants and areas outside the Klingon decks didn't care for the audible volume that accompanied them most of the time. And their tables and chairs and dinnerware were a lot more durable as well!

[ USS Chuck Norris ]

After a few hours, Tela led her group back to the 'Norris, ready for some downtime but she was on the first rotation as they got back. Nodding at Billingsly who'd occupied their barracks while they were gone, she reviewed monitor logs as the others cleaned up and sacked out. She was just finishing that with Kotsoo arrived, having swung by sickbay.

"You get a message from the Chief?"

Kotsoo nodded. "The micro transmission came through as a medical data message. I decoded the phrasing and they made it alright, things were a go, nothing since then. No news is good news."

He then laid down with the rest, getting some rack time while he could. Once the Captain got back, there's no telling where they'd be called to go, or when.

Tela signed off on the logs and did her walkabout. K'ner didn't like to depend solely on technology. Going analog she called it. Even docked and most of the crew on downtime, they maintained a rotation, just in case. For a distance she wondered how the Bravos were doing, then refocused on her rounds.


Haz Team Charlie
... as played by

Lt Betaras K'ner
Haz Team TL=B / Acting CMO
USS Chuck Norris


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