Death's Triangle

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The Chuck Norris is sent to a border patrol along the Klingon/Romulan border.
Lt. Djon and Squeazal are sent on a First Contact Mission.

Part of 2021

No missions found

New Captain

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The USS Chuck Norris welcomes aboard its new Commanding Officer, Captain Grover vonMcCormick.

Part of 2020

From the Sidelines

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The USS Chuck Norris receives a very irregular mission from an Admiral.

Part of 2020

The Game is Afoot

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Captain vonMcCormick is arrested on Starbase 10 and unscheduled Ferengi and Federation Traders immediately arrive.

Part of 2020

Trial by Fire

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The crew of the U.S.S. Chuck Norris are sent into a war game scenario to prove that the Defiant class Starship should be put into full production.

Part of 2020

Not Where I Belong

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There something out there...

Truth and Consequences

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Onassis Discovery

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Wyatt has been abducted and taken to a penal colony near the border of the romulan empire. Of course the romulans are denying any involvement.

The Chuck Norris on the other hand has its hands full as the ship is being sent to discover more about a planet that appeared from thin air.

However Captain Winters is still being investigated for the numerous encounters he has been having where battles have been having to happen.