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A Den of Honor and Virtue

Posted on Mon Apr 1st, 2024 @ 7:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance & Captain Mira Rodale & Lieutenant Betaras K'ner

Mission: Blood wine and vengeance
Location: Qo'nos
Timeline: Current

{House Rasmehlier}

Kevin and Thall approached Mira. Kevin had changed out his dress uniform into a loose black shirt, leather breeches, and thigh-high boots with a heavy hooded coat. Mira remembered seeing him exit the holodeck on Starbase 364 in a similar outfit. The two stopped in front of her, and Kevin said, "We have a plan to recover Kolar."

Mira's mood lightened "Great let's go get him."

Thall frowned. "It's not going to be that simple."

Mira nodded her head slowly. She knew that, but the waiting was killing her.

“Based on tracking of the comm badge that I ‘discretely’ attached to J’pok,” Kevin gave a wry smile, “we have identified the building where he has established his headquarters. Logically, he would keep Koral someplace secure, either with him on Qo’nos or aboard his ship in orbit. Based on the video evidence provided by him during the truce meeting, we agree that Kolar is most likely not aboard J’pok’s ship.”

“Thall was able to secure a copy of the building’s floor plan and we are planning a three pronged attack,” he continued, “One team will confront J’pok at the High Council, the second will engage the force staying behind at J’pol’s headquarters, and the third will find and retrieve Kolar.”

“As I have no standing in the High Council as Lady’ Rasmehlier’s boy-toy,” Kevin smiled broadly at Mira, “you will lead the team in there. Thall has volunteered to lead the team engaging the stay behind force but I think that he should be with you at the High Council. Regardless, I will find Kolar.”

“Who will you be leading?” Mira asked.

Kevin looked to Thall for support. He got none as the majordomo studiously avoided Kevin’s gaze. “I will be operating alone but once I have Kolar, Lionheart will be on standby to beam us out.”

Mira turned away to hide any expression that might show on her face. This was the way to get their son back. That was all she wanted him safe. She poured herself a drink. Taking a sip, she nodded her head, then turned back to Kevin. "I trust you to get Kolar and remove him for Qo'noS."

Mira took a seat, her eyes meeting Thall "On this world right now. I only trust YOU and Kevin. I want you both to do everything in your power to get Kolar safe. If I am going to the high council without you by my side, Thall. That will be noticed. People will either say I am displeased with you or I have dishonored the house and you with held your backing. Who is to be my second because you know I will fight before I will surrender myself to J’pok. "

"The council could just give me to J’pok or they will permit me to answer the challenge." Mira wasn't sure what the council would decide. But if they gave her to J’pok.....Isbethal would end him."

“When planning,” Thall said with more than a trace of embarrassment, “I had assumed that you would want me to support the recovery of Kolar. I can appoint a lieutenant that I trust to lead the attack force if you want me with you in the High Council.”

Mira nodded as a plan came to mind. She could wear a reinforce body suit under her dress. Then just take the dress off to fight. Normally you got a few moments to prepare. Not having a 2nd was going to complicate things but she wouldn't want someone at her side she didn't fully trust. Right now the two people she trusted most was going after her son. She had to put them out of her mind and concentrate on her plan to survive all of this.

{Near House Rasmehlier}

"Why can't we just go up and tell her we're here?" Deena said as they all listened to the audio feed.

Nod shook her head. "She needs to have plausible deniability... in case things go wrong. We have enough modified telltales to confuse facial recognition, so unless we leave biological evidence to be examined, no one will even know who we were. That's why the Chief is limiting us to melee if at all possible so there's no energy signatures to tip anyone off something is going down... plus the whole honor thing."

K'ner waved a hand to halt the conversation. "The Captain will form up an honor guard. I've watched her with the standard Klingon weapons, as well as a few non-standard ones, so if it comes to that level I have confidence she can hold her own and go for the soft points on this guy... take advantage of his joints... she knows she has to control the anger and be tactical due to the size and power difference.

"She doesn't like the political aspects of being the head of a major House, but she won't shrink from it. No, we won't be going to the Council, both because of the level of security, but also because of the level of security."

K'ner looked over at Roadie, tapping away on a padd. He looked up and nodded, so she continued. "Now...You heard the XO, he thinks he's gonna slip into a secure area, by himself, and overcome whatever guard this J-turd has set up, and also slip away. We'll relieve the pressure on him, keep it quiet, clear the way. He can take a punch I think, he's no stranger to conflict, but his focus will remain with Kolar, and then there's woman. If he has to make a choice, we'll carry her along on our exit... our QUIET exit," she emphasizes, looking around the group. She has every confidence in this crew, or they wouldn't be here in the first place.

"Let's pack up and get in place for the XO's arrival. Roadie has layouts loaded to your HUDs and force locations while it lasts. It'll self-dissolve after this action, but we won't need any of it by then anyway."

It barely took a minute to be ready to head out, their cover working well so far, but it wasn't like they'd unpacked anything thus far.

"Roadie. Be ready to download and sync the XOs padd if he gets hung up. Vibrate only, no tone. He should figure out someone is helping him but if neither of them know we came along, so much the better."

She looked around as Roadie nodded and closed up his device. They transitioned quietly without seeming like they were in a hurry but it seemed like so long when you weren't ready and in position yet... Once in the vicinity, they prepared to set up. She whispered, "Target Juliet does not leave this location if the opportunity presents itself... clear?" She saw nods all around as they separated as needed.

She relaxed, watching both the street view, and the HUD that only she could see, keeping up with the biologic dots, some moving around, some static. Now we just wait on the XO's arrival to get things rolling.

{House Rasmehlier}

Mira kisses Kevin goodbye "be safe." He gave her a smile as Mira walked up the stairs to her room to dress. Mira slipped on the body suit. Kolar had insisted one time when he saw her free climbing that she needed more protection. She looked at herself in the mirror. She had lost weight since it was made. The gloves were a different story. Mira's bones weren't as strong as a Klingon. Baakonite lined her knuckles and the weaker parts of her anatomy.

It had been too heavy to climb with. But it was light enough for her to fight in. She was surprised it was still here. It looked like they had collected everything she had owned.

Mira put her hands on her hips and frowned at the two dresses she picked out. Both she could dress herself in and take the dress off quickly to fight.

There was a light feminine laugh behind her. Mira spun with her d'k tahg in her hand.

Isbethal stepped out of the darkness, smiling. "It is good to see you again spots."

Mira moved to hug her long-time friend. "It's been too long, Isbethal. "

Isbethal Nodded "And yet you still get yourself in trouble. "

Isbethal was 5'10" and a mix of Caitian and Klingon. Her fur was black, as was her hair, and she had beautiful gold eyes.

Mira smiled. "I never start the trouble... but it does find me." Mira admitted as she shook her head. " What is going on, Isbethal? The high council never wants a woman leading a house. They rarely permit a woman to run her home after her mate is killed. The high council approved Garahl to run Kolar's house. They wanted me mated so they could put me into a males hands for my safety. I approved Garahl taking the house but said I would take care of myself. Everyone agreed. Now." Mira shook her head it made no sense. "Did you read what I sent you?"

Isbethal nodded. "It had been very interesting. You should tell the high council they need to know. Wear the blue one it will make you look even more innocent they you normally look." Isbethal smirked. "And put your curls up. It will remind them you are not Klingon and under their rule."

Mira bit her lip, "I am not under their rule. So even if they approve of J'pok Okac. I don't have to participate in their little games. "

Isbethal nodded, "Don't let J’pok get his hands on you. And once your men have little Kolar in their hands, you finish this game. You might have to take a few hits"

Mira nodded "I need a 2nd."

Isbethal nodded "It's why I am here. finish dressing so we can get there early just incase they have something planned. "

Slipping the dress on and fixed her hair Mira nodded she was really to leave. Walking out of the house Vaytoc stayed close to her side.

{The High Council Hall}

Mira smiled at the Chancellor. The Yan-Isleth, was close to protect him. She held her hand out to him. "It's good to see you again sir."

"It is good to see you . Why isn't Thall with you?" he seemed concerned.

Mira looked down "He was too injured to come, Isbethal is by my side today."

{Near J'pok's headquarters}

K'ner noticed the new blue dot on her display marked 'KL'. She saw acknowledgements from the others that they also noted his presence. They'd spent some time examining the layout and scans since their arrival. One sub-level, two stories above, courtyard inside the east wall, lots of green stuff. Rather unassuming by the appearance but the bodies inside made it more dangerous.

Obviously the XO had decided against the open approach. She watched as he gained access to a compound next door and moved along the wall for a dead spot in the direct view from the inside. The blue dot stopped as three brown dots paced along just on the other side of the wall. 'Surely he's not thinking about taking on three at once...' she thought.

The brown dots continued on, unmolested and apparently unaware there was anyone around that wasn't supposed to be there. The XO was doing well thus far. K'ner keyed Deena and Taz to pull the patrol if they reversed unexpectedly. Roadie was just inside the west wall and Nod ready to move as well once the XO breeched the compound. They'd hold off taking anyone down until the exit was initiated, then they'd clean house and give the XO and the child a safe route.

As safe as it could be anyway... K'ner slipped along the wall and entered by the animal gate. The previous owners must've had pets of some kind, and by the size of that gate door, they were of good size. They hadn't noticed any on the scans, but just in case, Roadie would have just released some scent blockers into the air, to drift over and into the compound to confound any if they were still there.

Now if the XO could just locate the child and the woman, without raising an alarm, this extraction would go a lot smoother. . . But Haz Team never counted on fortune, victory favored the prepared.

{J'pok's headquarters}

Kevin waited until the three guards passed, then quietly scrambled over the wall and hid himself in the vegetation. It was still daylight but he had successfully escaped notice.

An open space had been cleared away about twenty meters around the edge of the building. Guards were regularly patrolling around the building but had not detected him. He had received the notification that the other teams were in place. He tapped the comm badge that he had had sent down from Lionheart.

"Tango Romeo, this is Kilo Lima. I am in place. You are clear to execute in one minute." He waited for Thall to respond in the affirmative then tapped the badge again. "Lima Hotel, begin cycle jamming and look for my signal."

Lionheart would blanket the compound with electronic interference that would prevent any communication and disrupt electronic sensors. They would cut the interference for five seconds every minute to look for the retrieval beacon that Kevin would activate once he had Kolar. Once Kevin signaled, Lionheart would beam him and his son out. Or at least that was the plan.

{The High Council Hall}

In her earpiece, Mira heard Kevin's execute order.

Mira took a calming breath. "I have been trying to get my mind to connect the links between all the problems happening to house Rasmehlier. It would seem it is not the only house that has trouble. From what I have read, it's every great house on Q'onoS but three. They are also the same house that back J'pok the QI'yaH."

A few of The Chancellor's men bristled at Mira strong curse. She smirked at them. "If you prefer , " In rapid suction, she fired of curses that fit J'pok in 34 different languages.

Martok laughed, "Ah, only you could lighten the mood with vulgarity." He looked at the PADD in his hands. "Are you sure about this."
Mira nodded. There was an outside force trying to damage the Klingon Empire.

He nodded. "Do you know who we are up against? is it the Romulans again?"

Mira slowly shook her head. "I don't believe so. It's not subtle enough. I am not sure who your enemy is, but J'pok is part of it. He has my son Martok. I will not submit to his offer to join him. I would rather die or be returned to hell. "

The Chancellor nodded. "I see you are a captain now. impressive."

Mira nodded it wasn't what she had set out to do, but things had just fallen into place. It was like the fates were making up for lost time.......and that was scary.

The Chancellor said, "Only you would have caught this.."

Mira shook her head no, " Anyone thinking outside of a box would have if they had looked. No one was looking or talking to the other family because they would look weak. Why the huge push for me?"

Martok smiled "Your beautiful any man would want to by thier side."

Mira smiled but shook her head no. "They tried to make so much trouble for me so I wouldn't find this out but I was out of the picture. I wasn't looking...." No it was more like someone wanted her on Q'onoS to find the problem and fix it, but who?

Martok smiled " If you had taken a mate"

Mira held her hand up "I am not trying to hear that noise. I have a man and a child." she hadn't given birth to Kolar and Kevin and her were taking things really slow but ....

J'pok walking in with all the pride as if he was the Chancellor.

"My son?" Mira asked he was to bring Kolar to the high council.

J'pok shook his head no. " It will be best if he remain under my protection until we have an heir of our own.." Vaytoc hissed making everyone nervous. Mira smiled as she put her hand on Vaytoc's head.

"That will never happen petaQ" Mira told him.

J'pok growled "that beast in not permanent in the High Council."

"Vaytoc goes where I go or I don't go." Mira shrugged her shoulders in a little, take it, or leave it she really didn't care.

Martok frowned, "I decided who goes into my high council not you J'pok. "


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