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Whoop! Whoop! URGH!

Posted on Mon Apr 1st, 2024 @ 12:37am by Lieutenant Betaras K'ner
Edited on on Mon Apr 1st, 2024 @ 4:14am

Mission: Starbase 364
Location: Starbase 364 - Klingon Levels
Timeline: Current

There is a training exercise scheduled! hehe


[ Klingon sub-level, Training Grog B ]

The Klingons assembled were laughing about something when the door whooshed open. The five crewmen from the 'Norris stepped just inside, spreading out in a line.

Their mirth finished, they also lined up directly in front of the squishees that thought they could skirmish with a Klingon battle team on their own turf.

Seconds slipped by, turning into minutes. The temperature was moderate, each race having their own reactions to different levels but the 'Norris Hazard Team had become acclimatized to the ship's environment so they didn't worry about sweat sliding down, at least not until the action started. Their suits would've given them an edge, but they'd all decided to switch it up when they could in case they ever got caught out and unable to get their gear.

Sub-vocal growls ran up and down the line... on both sides. Eyes barely kept from blinking. Korra definitely had the advantage here, since she didn't have any eyelids!

Kotsoo twitched, not actually blinking but it was enough to break the tension and knew the jig was up when Teg, her counterpart in front of her, laughed uproariously and pointed... "AHAHAHAHAHA!"

The lines broke down, everyone blinking their dry orbs (except Korra of course). The laughter died down and Barg's slapped Tela on the shoulder, almost knocking the yeoman over. "Finally!! We don't have to go up to the civilized levels to get in some trouble, now you come to us in our space! We were certain your Captain would be the only one to allow personnel to come down here! You barely managed to pull off that last trick in the holodeck, but we're on to your diabolical ways Te'ela, today won't go so well for your team I think. Where's K'ner? She never misses an opportunity for a tumble!"

Barq's could never get her name exactly right, but Tela had learned to let the little things slide.

"She's on another training exercise with Bravo. We have to mix and match to simulate real-world demands. So... just what nonsense have you concocted that you think might challenge us and not the mighty Klingons of Starbase 364?"

Barq's rocked her again, pulling out their version of a padd and showing them the course and parameters they were be competing under. Peke whistled lightly as he followed along, but he smiled anyway. . .

Gotta be able to work off the combat tension while at Starbase... so you don't work it off in areas that get one into trouble! hehe

Haz Team Charlie
... as played by

Lt Betaras K'ner
Haz Team TL=B / Acting CMO
USS Chuck Norris


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