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Light in the darkness

Posted on Thu Jul 11th, 2024 @ 12:34am by Captain Mira Rodale & Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance & Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti & Lieutenant Betaras K'ner

Mission: Cat in the box
Location: Romulan base station
Timeline: Present

{Romulan space station, Meeting hall}

Mira's arm was going to give out. She had a hard time pulling the mek'leth from the Gorns dead body. Rogar had to help her pull it out. She looked up it was to see Ambassador Rirahk and Ambassador Jeth'un Klarr. Klarr slapped her left arm and sent her bumming into Rogar, who had kept her from falling her.

Klarr raised his arms. "Glorious battle. You all fought well. I picked up one of your doctors in the fight, Lieutenant Lucian Almeida Assistant Chief Medical Officer for your ship, or so I heard him telling Lance by the way where is he?"

Mira turned around, and her eyes widened as Crus was carrying a body. "This one needs medical he still lives."

"Doctor Almeida, welcome aboard your services are needed." Mira told him with more calmness than she felt.

Mira turned back to Klarr. "Are there more on the base?"

"Yes, but we are clearing the base." Klarr told her very proud of himself and his people.

{ Corridor B7A, Romulan Space Station }

K'ner nodded to the side, letting Taz draw out the Gorn. She hesitated only long enough to be out of its peripheral vision and attacked. Two solid hits took down one and injured the other. The coolness in the hallway had definitely slowed them down but they were still tenacious. As #2 turned with a scowl and a growl to swipe at her, Taz swung her blade and ended that line of comment, whatever is was. Someone to note for later.

Assessing before and behind, she got acknowledgement from her dots that they had a line held all the way to the shuttle that was attached to a wall, and moved to the entrance of a medium-sized room with a number of Gorn adults and hatchlings lying about in various states of distress, mostly terminal, a few other species in disrepair, and, of course, the Captain swaggering her diminutive countenance with ultimate authority in the midst of it all.

K'ner couldn't help but smile and waited for her to notice rather than interrupt her flow. They seemed to be winding down, Klingons were raising hell all over the station, and the chaotic nature of the Gorn left unexpected random pockets of danger and violence. Once they could get the command staff moving, they could get them promptly back to the shuttle to either beam back, or physically return in the shuttle itself.

As Mira shook hands with the members of the Triumvirate, Ambassador Rirahk hugged her "I thought I was seeing an avenging angel when you were fighting. How are you alive? We were told you died on that transport vessel."

Mira smiled, "I wasn't on the ship. My shuttle crashed on a planet. "

He nodded still smiling "thank you for aiding us in clearing this out."

"Anytime Ambassador but next time I dress for the fight." she looked down at her dress uniform.

Mira looked over and saw K'ner "Evac. Lance is down."

K'ner looked around, locating the XO and waving the medic attending him to bring him. Once they reached the shuttle, K'ner carried the concoction perfect for what ails him. He will still be out a while but It would counteract the neurotoxin... and leave him with one whale of a headache.

He had lost alot of blood and would need a transfusion back on the ship. Then there was the matter of repairing the torn muscles and arteries in his thigh and regenerating the dermal layers. Perfect checkout task for the new doc if he showed up soon.

She also recorded a note to check for implantation of egg sacks...altho scans for foreign matter would be scheduled for everyone.

M'Niras followed Mira, hissing about the party and her wearing the red dress.

Mira shook head "Are you insane ? Do you see all of the dead? There isn't going to be a huge celebration. We are in a war. Being alive is celebration enough. Crus get him back to your ship and get ready to leave or I'll have you both in my brig. We are done."

Mira couldn't believe how tired she was. Kronnelti had to clean her mek'leth and aided her in getting it back in its hoster. It was all she could do to keep herself walking and not to crumble. When fighting she never held anything back. It was all or death. Now she was paying for it. Kevin was being carried out and Mira winced. He had been right behind her when the fight started. What had happened?

"Kronnelti see that someone picks up our things from the rooms" Mira told him.

"already done " he grinned.

Once we get back to Starbase 364 you both need much rest Awal told Mira and Lance.

Mira nodded "I had put us in for extended leave before we got dragged into this mission and was told 'it will be fun. You will love it.'" Mira rolled her eyes and mimiced Fleet Admiral Proll. M'Niras growled at her but Mira just didn't have the strength to care. "It wasn't fun. I didn't like it." then she added.

"You know the first thing I want to when we get back to the base? Is take the kids to the holodeck for playtime. Just something fun. "
M'Niras growled "there will be meetings and..."

Mira cut him off "Nope I am going to the holodeck with my son and family." She said as she stepped onto the transporter pad and beamed aboard the ship.

With Awal right behind her, he stops and tells M'Niras to just give up and leave her be.

K'ner peeled off, finally having realized the new doc was at hand after complimenting his work on the XO (and a few others in the process). She'd comm'd ahead to have sickbay prepped and the two beamed directly there to get the XO prepped, zipped, nipped, and tucked.

{ Shuttle Garnet -->> USS Chuck Norris }

K'ner was the last one aboard and looked around to verify what her dots had already relayed. Nodding, they detached and whooshed back to the ship. Well, in the vacuum of space there was no sound, but K'ner liked to hear it in her mind anyway.

A quick debrief ensued on the way and the team headed in to spread out, just in case the Gorn rallied, to reinforce the security measures already in place when the alarm went out. She hadn't noticed the cooler vibe until she noticed her breath clouding up and glanced at the temp. Montgomery had certainly cooled the place down. No doubt the Captain would get that reversed pretty quick.. or maybe not the way her eyelids were bouncing as she departed.

With a departing nod of her own, she headed for sickbay. Lt Almeida should be past prep and working his new duty station. She wanted to observe his procedure and get an idea on his real world skill level. She could only depend on so much from a data file and while it was opportune, she hadn't wished the XO such grievous injuries in the process. She hoped he was as able as his jacket portrayed, because even her enhanced field medic skills had been pressed to the limit more than once since the last CMO left abruptly.



Lt Betaras K'ner
Hazard Team Medic TL-B / CMO
USS Chuck Norris


Captain Mira Rodale
CO USS Chuck Norris


Lt. Commander Kevin Lance
Executive Officer
USS Chuck Norris

Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Chuck Norris


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