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Blood, gore and mayham

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2024 @ 8:46pm by Captain Mira Rodale & Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance & Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti & Lieutenant Betaras K'ner

Mission: Cat in the box
Location: Chuck Norris
Timeline: current


{Romulan meeting hall}

Mira's never took her eyes off the
Triumvirate, the newest member, was Ambassador Rirahk she knew him well. he had dreamed of one day bringing the Romulans and the federation together. She was happy he was doing so well and now moved up in the Romulan government.

He was talking about the loss of Nauarchus Saeihr there finding was she was attacked by the Gorn.

Mira's eyes roamed over the area the Gorn, Orions, and Nausicaans were standing
Things were getting heated down there.

With Haz ready to rock n roll, Awal does double checks on everything.

Captain are you ready to get this over with? asked Kronnelti

"Things haven't happened yet.....but depending on the Gorns response it might be headed that way." Mira whispered to him.

{ Shuttle Bay, USS Chuck Norris }

K'ner looked over McFarlan's shoulder. "How close do you think we'll need to be to transport in?"

Deena pointed to three points. "Here are the easiest places to get into position with the weakest shield junctors. Once we reach either, we can insert the team pretty much anywhere. Getting out, we'll be trying but they'll no doubt start varying things, if not responding. I guess that will depend on what else is going on. We'll be a pretty small object in motion in the big picture."

K'ner nodded. "You know the priority list. Stay on mission as long as possible. If you're interdicted outside, retreat to the ship and bolster our defenses, we'll likely be coming in hot. Put the crybaby out if necessary."

Deena nodded, not looking up but continuing to stare at the display and already fed in course corrections as the data developed so they would be ready to depart immediately upon getting the green light to deploy.

{Romulan space station, meeting hall}

"Well crap the Gorn just declared war...." Mira frowned,"and the Klingons accepted."

Mira commbadge went off. =/\="Montgomery to Rodale, we are picking up multiple beam ins. You have incoming." =/\=

Mira tapped her commbadge. "Go to red alert. It's started."

Her eyes meet M'Niras. "Still happy ambassador?"
He frowned at her. It was at that time Mira heard the hatchlings.

Kevin heard their cries as well. He grabbed crewman Rogar and told her, "Stick with the Captain. Make sure nothing touches her."

"Aye, sir," Rogar responded as she drew her phaser.
Mira slowly withdrew her mek'leth from her back as she backed up. "Next time you want to have a party, don't invite me." Mira grumble." And just in case you didn't know Ambassador, it's a bad move to tell your rescue team to come to a party in their dress uniforms when they really need combat gear."

Crus smirked. "Spots, weren't you told no weapons?"

Mira smirked right back at him. "I have no recall of hearing any such rule fur boy. What do you call the things at the end of your paws? Back scratcher? This is just an extension of my arm. We need to take out as many of these hatchling as we can before we leave. Now that the Romulans have this mess, and we are allies. It's our mess, too."

Awal smiled and pulled his blade out, so I bet i can take out more hatchlings than you captain.

Oh a challenge? Said Mira. Your on

Both Kronnelti and Mira started slaughtering the hatchlings, Awal was up by 4 but she caught up to him.

M'Niras growled. "Will you two be I little more serious."

Mira frowned. "Mr kill joy. We might have to fight our way out of here but put your dress uniforms on at this Godawful hour and with only 2 cups of raktajino. You know, really, I shouldn't be protecting you right now. I am not cleared for duty."
M'Niras growled. " You're the captain. What could possibly happen?."

Mira thought about it for a moment as she fought. "K'ner could restrict me to my quarters, take away my PADD!" she smirked,"keep all ignoring ambassadors from me. "

Kronnelti chuckled, "Sounds like you sold yourself on this idea."

Mira grinned. "I think I have!" she swung again.

In the swirl of combat, Kevin had become separated from the Captain and Kronnelti. He did not have a weapon and needed to rely on unarmed combat to protect himself. Luckily, his opponent was a fully mature Gorn. Gorns were taller and stronger than most humans but so too was Kevin. And what he lacked in the other species superior endurance was more than made up for in the Star Fleet officer’s unsurpassed agility. He was able to deftly avoid the blows of the reptile and dart in to make strikes of his own. Such it would have continued until he eventually tired out.

Fortunate was smiling upon him, however and Kevin chanced upon an incapacitated Nausicaan. After dodging another swing from the Gorn, Kevin grabbed the blaster from the prone figure and fired point-blank at his opponent. It took three shots to subdue the Gorn, a testament to the race’s stamina and ability to handle pain, and the adult slumped to the floor.

Hot pain immediately shot through Kevin’s leg. He looked down to see a juvenile Gorn biting into his thigh. An additional shot from the Nausicaan weapon killed the creature but Kevin had to force the jaws open with his hands to get free.

His head was swimming as the neurotoxins from the juvenile’s venom coursed through his body and he sat heavily upon the floor. As he looked at the bleeding wound on his leg, so like the injury that he had inflicted on Saeihr, he was overcome with the poetic justice of his situation. He began to laugh as the battle continued to wage around him.

Crus smirked as he looked down. "And we are always telling spots not to get hurt. "Damn," he ripped off the sleeves of Kevin's jacket and wrapped them around his wounded leg. Then he picked up Keven and tossed him over his shoulder. " she will kill both of us if we don't keep up."


Lt Betaras K'ner
Hazard Team TL-B / CMO
USS Chuck Norris


Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti
Chief of security and tactical
USS Chuck Norris


Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance
Executive Officer
USS Chuck Norris


Captain Mira Rodale
CO USS Chuck Norris


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