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Bravo on the ready line!

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2024 @ 12:52am by Lieutenant Betaras K'ner

Mission: Cat in the box
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current


Okay, Kronnelti is supposed to be headed to the 'Norris to get Haz Team formed up... things may be a-changin'...


Kronnelti almost startled as K'ner seemingly phased into view next to him. "I really wish you'd quit that!" His voice was strong but without the roar if something had really been wrong.

K'ner nodded. "Roger that sir. Lt Betaras, present as ordered."

Awal shook his head slightly. "Things have changed on the station. The Gorn have attacked a Romulan, and a Triumvirate at that! The Captain gone over already. M'Niras anticipates a swing in the alliance against the Gorn."

K'ner got on her serious face. "She went over? She hasn't been cleared from medical hold yet."

Awal shrugged. "She is the Captain."

K'ner exhaled sharply, the growl barely audible. "Yes, yes she is. What's the play?"

"I want HT ready to deploy... like now! This could... escalate relations and I don't think anyone understands just how fast this could go bad. I want the Captain and the Commander back on board as quickly and safely as possible if that happens."

K'ner was already planning in her head. "We're already in a state of readiness. Have been since we arrived, so once I give Bravo the word, we can shuttle in to any location if we can't beam in direct."

She paused, not wanting to ask, but she did anyway. "And Mr Mc-sneeras?"

Awal shouted a laugh but chopped it off quickly. "He comes too."

K'ner knew that would be the answer but she could always hope he might throw himself on a grenade during the escape. Then again, the man had survived a lot of scrapes according to his file so she wasn't anticipating that former result.

"We're on the ready. I'll get with Peke on that boosted comm badge so you can reach us regardless. It shifts frequencies and timing pretty quickly. It's still not great long-term but for our purposes it'll work just fine. We've also got those alogen grenades to significantly drop the temperature in an area, and any Gorn won't like it if they're at ground zero when it goes off. Montgomery is ready to drop our environmentals here so if we get boarded somehow, they'll have a serious disadvantage. They won't like that outcome."

Awal nodded. "Be ready. I have to get back to the Captain."

K'ner was already updating tasking and heading for the shuttle bay to either fly out or be transported over if they could get through. As she watched the rest of Bravo arrive she shot a note off to Montgomery that it might be time to start dropping that temp...


Lt Betaras K'ner
Hazard Team TL-B / CMO
USS Chuck Norris



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