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An Offer

Posted on Fri Sep 15th, 2023 @ 10:59pm by Captain Michael Intermeezo & Lieutenant Commander Mira Rodale

Mission: The Zaj
Location: Chuck Norris, Ready Room
Timeline: Present


{Chuck Norris, Captain’s Ready Room}

Captain Intermeezo was sat behind his desk, reading the latest crew reports and efficiency reviews. It was an arduous task, but one that he was more than familiar with by now in his career. Which is more than he could say about the ship itself. He lowered the padd in his hand and placed it on the desk before looking around the cramped ready room. Thanks to the Zaj incursions, he hadn’t had much time to get to know the crew or the ship in any great detail. He was familiar with the design of the Defiant-class ship, of course, but he still hadn’t conducted the traditional Captain’s inspection. He added it to a mental list of things he needed to do.

He got to his feet and walked over to the window. From his position, he could see Deep Space Nine floating silently against the backdrop of deep dark space. It was a magnificent and imposing station, but the mere sight of it’s Cardassian design sent shivers down his spine. Even though almost a decade had passed since the Dominion War, privately he’d found it hard to forgive the Cardassians for their involvement. The sheer amount of casualties from that war was unthinkable, and the Cardassians helped the Dominion in achieving those terrible acts. He longed for orders from Starfleet Command to take him away from this place as soon as possible.

Returning to his desk, he picked up another padd and started reading. A leave of absence request from Commander Dersch. Apparently she’d lost a close family member back on Earth and had needed to leave first thing this morning. “Poor girl. I hope she’s okay.” Intermeezo sighed. This left him without an Executive Officer, just before the Chuck Norris would be ordered onto her next mission.

He thought about it for a while. Who would be the best replacement for Dersch? The natural choice would be Lieutenant Commander G’ginloss, as he was the second officer. However, the performance of Lieutenant Commander Rodale during the Zaj incursion had more than impressed him. Not to mention her extensive career and commendation after commendation from her previous commanding officers. “I think I’ve made my choice.” He spoke aloud. He did that sometimes when he needed to mull a decision over.

He tapped his comm-badge, “Lieutenant Commander Rodale, would you please report to my ready room.”

Within a few moments the woman presented herself at Intermeezo’s desk. The man was impressed at how quickly she had made her way to his position, considering he had only requested her presence a couple of minutes ago. He inwardly smiled as the Trill officer stood tall in front of him.

“Commander Dersch has needed to attend to a personal matter this morning back on Earth, one which will likely take her attention for the foreseeable future.” He started to explain. “This has left me without an XO. Starfleet Command will soon be transmitting new orders, and the Chuck Norris can’t be left without an XO. How would you feel about filling that slot on a permanent basis? Your performance during the Zaj incursion thoroughly impressed me, and it proved to me that you can handle yourself both confidently and professionally when I’m not around.” He smiled. “So I’d like to formally offer you the post of executive officer onboard the USS Chuck Norris. Do you accept?”

Being summoned to the ready room had actually worried Her. She hadn't even met the Captain yet. Not that she was avoiding him it was just that they were never in the same room at the same time. Come to think of it, they could have passed each other on the ship, and she wouldn't have noticed. But if she was in trouble, it was time to face it with her back straight. As she listened to him, she felt a little shocked but didn't let her face show it.

Nodding slowly, she said, "We can't have the USS Chuck Norris without an XO. " it had felt perfectly natural steping into the position when the attack happened she thought. "I can perform the duties, Captain."

“Then it’s settled.” His face filled with joy and a hint of relief. He got to his feet and crossed around the desk to where the woman was still standing to attention. He extended a hand and shook her hand. “Congratulations, Mira. Looking over your record I have no doubts that you’ll step towards this role with great success.” He smiled again, confident in the knowledge that the first big decision he needed to make as the ship’s CO had been a successful one.

Mira smiled as she shook his hand. Now that she had committed, she felt oddly settled with the choice she had made.

"You wouldn't be planning on abandoning the ship to because while I am comfortable being an XO, I have no plans to become the CO." With the changes in staff since she joined, she wanted to be sure.

Intermeezo nodded, “I have no immediate plans to abandon the ship, no.” He made his way back over to his side of the desk, catching a glimpse of DS9 in the corner of his eye through the window. “It was unfortunate that I was trapped on the station during the emergency, but I’m hoping that kind of situation won’t become a habit.”

He paused for a moment and noticed that his desk terminal was silently flashing with the official insignia of Starfleet Command on the screen. Somebody up the hierarchy was trying to get a hold of him. His gaze returned to Mira, who was still stood in his ready room. He wasn’t about to rush the woman out of the room, but he was eager to find out where the Chuck Norris would be heading next, “Congratulations once again, Lieutenant Commander. Is there anything else you’d like to discuss while you are here?”

She gave him a relaxed smile "Ship is at 100% Sir, I am sure we can discuss things as the come.”

She turned to leave.

Intermeezo waited until the woman had left before he pressed desk terminal to activate the screen. He leaned back and waited for Starfleet Command to connect via a secure channel…


Captain Michael Intermeezo
Commanding Officer
USS Chuck Norris


Lieutenant Commander Mira Rodale
Executive Officer
USS Chuck Norris


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