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Making her rounds

Posted on Sun Sep 17th, 2023 @ 10:00pm by Lieutenant Commander Mira Rodale

Mission: The Zaj
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Present

USS Chuck Norris

Looking down at herself in the red command uniform, Mira held her arms out and did a little spin for Vaytoc. "What do you think big guy is red better?"

Vaytoc just rolled over on his back like he was laughing at her. Mira smirked. "Brat!"

With that, she walked out of her Quarters and headed to the bridge. She had made a full inspection of the ship as Chief operations officer yesterday, but now she needed to do a different inspection and see if there was anything needed.

Lizzy had been the overly happy and outgoing XO, but that wasn't Mira. She wasn't outgoing at all and she took a little time to get to know someone. So a group meeting wasn't her thing to do.

She would spend some time going from department to department getting to know the crew that way.


Walking in to the Bridge, Mira took a look around.
Rodriguez was the first to notice her and the change in color of her uniform. He raised an eyebrow at her. She just smile "Ensign do we have anymore crewmen on DS9 helping with repairs?"

He nodded sharply. "Yes Ma'am "

"Then have the base send us a list of repairs still needed to be done. We will have to see how much help we can give them. " She just had a feeling star fleet would be sending orders soon and wanted thier people back on the ship ready for anything.

Her eyes flicked to the main viewer looking at the base and wormhole. Wondering when it would be opening again.

Then stopped at each console studying the readings and saying hi to the crewmen. Before she nodded and heading to see the Department Chiefs.

tags anyone interested in a quick jp. I believe that the captain should be starting the next mission soon but we might be able to get a jp in if interested.

Lt.Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris.


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