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Posted on Thu Sep 14th, 2023 @ 4:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Mira Rodale

Mission: The Zaj
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Present

{USS Chuck Norris}

Sleep hadn't come easy to Mira for years, but last night, she crashed hard. She wouldn't want to go through everything she had yesterday to get a good night's sleep again, but it it had been nice to sleep the whole night.

Feeding Vaytoc quickly, she made her way to the shuttlebay 1. At this hour of the morning, most people on the day shift were still sleeping. There were only two places on the ship that Mira had found that gave some room to exercise, and she rarely missed her Mok'bara, so the cargobay or shuttlebay 1 was it for Mok'bara.

Centering herself, she performed the moves slowly, letting her muscles warm up. There were many things about the Mok'bara she enjoyed, but the easy flow of the movements and how it cleared her mind were the best. Add to that once you knew the moves, you could use them to take down anyone.

{Mess hall}

Mira got two orders of the normal human breakfast of eggs, bacon, and fruit cups with a large Raktajino. Taking it to a table, she sat. By now, the day crew were moving around, and she nodded greetings to them before she made her way to the Operations center, another cup of Raktajino in her hand.

{Operations center}

Frowning at the report from the base security, she read it a second time. All they had found was the console that the program had been up loaded to and the ID of the office who had uploaded it, but he had been killed in the attack on the base with the Zaj.

How convenient, she thought. Either someone had killed him to keep him from talking, or they used his ID because he had died. Again, nothing that directed any wrongdoing to her brother.

Sighing a little frustrated, she went over the repairs to the ship. All repairs seem to have been made. All command staff reported systems at 100%. She smiled, thinking of all the hard work engineering and the repair crew had put in. The ship wouldn't be half as good without them. Come to think of it her door had been working that morning to.

She sent off the report to the Captain, wondering if orders would keep them here at the base for a while or if starfleet had other plans for them. Guess they would find out soon.

Walking to the next console, she slapped Ensign Rodriguez on the back of his head. when he looked up at her surprise, she said, "A horga'hn, really poor Chin can't even look me in the eye yet."

Rodriguez just grinned, "Yet. He will be fine it was just too funny."

Forcing herself not to smile at the prankster, she moved away to study another console.

Lt. Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


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