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Captain Michael Intermeezo

Name Michael Intermeezo

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species ½ Human ½ El-Aurian
Age 72

Physical Appearance

Height 6’2”
Weight 176 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Intermeezo is physically imposing. Standing at a tall 6’2”, he towers above most crew members. Despite his best efforts to smile and to become more personable, he tends to keep a stern and professional exterior. Despite looking as though he were in his late to early forties, Intermeezo is actually 68 years old.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Owen Intermeezo (Deceased)
Mother Keh’Lera Intermeezo (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview A tough as nails Starfleet officer who has decades of experience, and takes no excuses from anyone.
Intermeezo does have a softer side to him, but no-one outside of his immediate circle of friends sees this side.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Has decades of experience in Starfleet.

Weaknesses: Can sometimes be too regimental in his approach and in his man management, earning him a reputation for being a ‘hard-ass’.

Ambitions His only ambition is to continue being the best Starfleet officer that he can be.

Personal History Born in 2311, Intermeezo has spent most of his life serving Starfleet.

His mother, Kehlera arrived on Earth in 2393 onboard the USS Enterprise-B. The Enterprise-B had answered a distress call from the SS Lakul and the SS Robert Fox when they had apparently become trapped within a temporal nexus whilst transporting El-Aurian refugees. It was the same mission that saw Captain James T Kirk killed in the line of duty.

[The newly launched USS Enterprise-B caught in the temporal Nexus in 2393]

A brilliant scientist, Kehlera soon found herself working onboard several different civilian science vessels. Kehlera met her future husband in 2308 whilst she was stationed onboard the SS McClintock. The McClintock had docked at Starbase 5 for resupply, and Owen Intermeezo was the starbase operations officer. Hitting it off immediately at one of the various coffee shops onboard the base, the two were married two years later.

In 2311, Michael was born.

In 2313, the family were onboard the Starfleet vessel USS Amundsen near the Bajoran system when it was attacked and destroyed without warning by two Cardassian vessels. Only three escape pods were successfully launched before the vessel was destroyed, with two-year old Michael being safely aboard one of them. Luckily for the survivors three Federation vessels had detected the explosion and had come to investigate before the Cardassians had an opportunity to destroy or capture the escape pods. The incident was covered up by Starfleet to ensure war between the Federation and the Cardassian Union did not become a reality. At least not for another 42 years.

For most of his childhood, Michael was initially placed in an orphanage in Virginia, Minnesota. However, when he was seven years old he was adopted by a loving husband and wife based in Silver Bay, and spent the remainder of his childhood and teenage years on the shores of Lake Superior.

[Intermeezo during his second year at Starfleet Academy in 2330]

Michael attended Starfleet Academy between 2329 and 2333 and studied general tactics, battle tactics, alien relations and galactic politics. During his final year at the academy, the infamous battle between the USS Stargazer and a Ferengi ship occurred. An incident which led to Jean-Luc Picard being promoted to CO of the Stargazer. The tale of the heroic ship and it’s actions soon reached Starfleet Academy and reinvigorated Michael’s passion and dedication to finish his studies and become an officer.

In 2334 he gained his first posting onboard the USS Tripoli, joining as a tactical officer.

In 2337 he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. In 2338, the Tripoli and it’s crew were involved with exploring the remains of the Omicron Theta Colony, and in doing so discovered the android known as Data.

In 2339 he was promoted to full Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Detweiler.

[Intermeezo onboard the USS Detweiler in 2340]

Intermeezo was in attendance on Earth when Jean-Luc Picard was awarded the Hall of Honor for his outstanding work ethic by the United Federation Planets. He even had the opportunity to shake hands with the Starfleet Captain and have a brief conversation with him.

In 2343, Intermeezo was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and was offered a position the USS Enterprise-C under Captain Rachel Garrett. However, he chose to remain onboard the Detweiler for another couple of years due to his wanting to pursue the command examinations. Less than a year later the Enterprise-C was destroyed during the Battle of Narendra. Feeling lucky, and yet also guilty, Michael requested a transfer to Starfleet Academy to take up a teaching post.

For twenty-four years, Michael taught at the Academy. He refused all promotions, instead choosing to remain in his teaching post. In 2367 after the decimation of the fleet at Wolf 359 by the Borg, Michael decided that the time was right to return to the stars. As an El-Aurian and a starfleet officer, he felt compelled to protect everything he held dear against the threat of the Borg.

[Intermeezo towards the end of his teaching career at the Academy in 2366]

In 2368 he accepted a promotion to Commander and was made Chief Tactical and Second Officer of the USS Exemplar under Captain Jacey Lawler.

In 2370 the ship was involved in a skirmish in the Ghol’kud System with Jem’hadar squadron. The ship was heavily damaged and was barely able to escape into warp before it was destroyed. As the first officer had been killed during the battle, Michael accepted a field promotion and became the Exemplar’s new first officer.

[Intermeezo shortly after his promotion to first officer of the USS Exemplar in 2370]

After the losses at the Tyra System against the Dominion (98 ships destroyed out of 112) in 2374, Starfleet started looking towards their longest serving officers for the next crop of commanding officers. Michael was one of the candidates that Starfleet were especially interested in speaking to. In late 2374, he was promoted to Captain and made CO of the Intrepid-class USS Wayfarer.

At the conclusion of the Dominion War in 2375, Intermeezo retained command of the Wayfarer, leading the ship and her crew on many adventures. In 2379, the crew were tasked with transporting a dangerous Betazoid war criminal known only as Lord Chaos back to Betazed to face war crimes. However, the dangerous criminal managed to escape and half destroyed the ship in the process. Taking full responsibility for the incident, Intermeezo offered his resignation to the Admiralty. They promptly refused his resignation and instead offered him command of the USS Peckover. Michael missed his previous position at the Academy, so instead chose to return to teaching as a senior command instructor at the academy.

In 2383 the Admiralty approached Intermeezo once again, and tasked him with getting the Defiant-class USS Chuck Norris out of mothballs. Intermeezo accepted, in the hopes of seeing for himself what the ship class was capable of after seeing the USS Defiant in action during the Dominion War.

[Intermeezo in command of the USS Chuck Norris in 2383]

Service Record 2329 - 2333: Starfleet Academy

2334 - 2339: USS Tripoli
Ensign -> Lieutenant JG
Tactical Officer

2339 - 2343: USS Detweiler
Chief Tactical Officer

2343 - 2367: Starfleet Academy
Lieutenant Commander
General and Advanced Tactics Instructor

2368 - 2374: USS Exemplar
Executive Officer

2374 - 2379: USS Wayfarer-D
Commanding Officer

2379 - 2383: Starfleet Academy
Senior Command Instructor

2383 - Present: USS Chuck Norris
Commanding Officer