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The Arrival

Posted on Wed Feb 21st, 2024 @ 7:50pm by Lieutenant T'Pralik

he crew was buzzing with restlessness. After a few weeks of shore leave, it was proving difficult for many to adapt back to their normal lives aboard the Chuck Norris. Or then they were always like this, after all, this was Lieutenant T'Pralik's first day aboard the ship. She'd stepped aboard that morning just before the ship left the ports of Risa. She had been supposed to board the ship at least 3 days earlier, however her transport had gotten delayed at Deep Station 3 when the aft thrusters of her transport – the USS. Arrowhead – broke down.

After having dropped off her things in her new quarters, she had spent the rest of the afternoon strolling through the rest of the ship. Firstly, she wanted to gain a lay of the land, so that she wouldn't get lost anywhere, especially since she'd never been aboard a Defiant Class ship before. Secondly, as she was the ship's new Counsellor, she wanted to visit where the crew themselves were, to begin her work keeping them all mentally fit, and sane.

So far she'd seen nothing extraordinary, the most significant event having been when a young engineering officer had thrown up 3 meters away from her. From their friends' laughter, she gathered he had simply drunk a little too much the night before. However, both the quarters and the crew canteen were fairly loud, and T'Pralik could tell that new rivalries had grown during the leave.

She hadn't had time to visit any of the senior officers yet, her goal was to have had a chat with all of them by the end of the week. She was vaguely aware that a few of them were already off ship investigating some anomaly.

The ship itself was very different to anything she was accustomed to. In her youth she rarely left the confines of Earth (or even her home city of London really) and when she signed up to Starfleet, the majority of the in-space training was performed on colossal cruisers. The corridors were significantly narrower here, and the lights on the ceilings had a peculiar, almost greenish glow to them, casting oddly little shadow. When she'd commented about it to her guide – an ensign in the medical department – they'd made a joke about how it was so that their shadows wouldn't come alive and eat them. T'Pralik still wasn't sure if they had been joking or not.

Her room was also quite big. At the orphanage she'd shared a room of equal size with 3 others, so having that large of a room just for her seemed excessively luxurious, especially as she knew that the captain and other higher-ups had even bigger ones.


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By Lieutenant Tracey Walker Jr on Wed Feb 21st, 2024 @ 9:25pm

Nicely done!