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I'm a father

Posted on Mon Feb 12th, 2024 @ 11:43pm by Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti

Well my sister has me and Dianna beamed back on the ship and we went straight to medical. I held her hand while she laid on the bio bed.

K'ner is amazing it didn't take long to see that indeed Dianna was pregnant, I think my Klingon DNA is too strong I chuckled too myself.

Once the scans were completed I took her to my living quarters and showed her that it's not that big but she told me she didn't care about the size of the room.

I don't know how Mira will take this I don't even know how our Capt will take it either.

My life is going to change quick and I think it's going to be for the better.


Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti
Chief of security and tactical


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