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Missing you

Posted on Mon Feb 12th, 2024 @ 11:52pm by Commander Mira Rodale

Mission: Guilty Pleasures
Location: Risa
Timeline: Present

{Suraya Bay, beach}

Mira felt a little shell shocked. Over the years, she had learned to be a suspicious person. How could this have happened to Kronnelti? She had thought him finding a mate and the woman accepting that Kronnelti was her mate in one evening a shock. It had taken months of convincing for Mira to believe Kolar was her mate. Then the whole interspecies biology problems. It does happen, because there are a lot of mixed beings in the universe, but this was scary.

Mira found a large rock to sit on and curled her legs underneath her. the breeze was truly wonderful. You didn't get that on the ship. Mira closed her eyes and let the breeze caress her skin. The sweet smell of the flowers carried in the air. This was all wonderful change for a while, and yet she could find reasons to be happy on the ship.

Zimia came running up to her with a worried look on her face. "I can't find them."

Mira raised an eyebrow. "What is them, Zimia?"

"Chin and Rodriguez! We were at the bar, and then they were gone. A few other crew members are missing, too."

Mira frowned, "I told you all to stay in groups. Are you telling me they just left you?" Zimia was too naive to leave on her own.

Zimia hesitated for a moment. "When I came back from the restroom, they weren't at our table. I have looked everywhere."

Mira rubbed her forehead. If those two found girls and dumped Zimia, she was going to kill them. She tapped her commbadge "Rodale to Rodriguez?"

she waited a few moments and then tried again. Nothing. Tapping her commbadge again, she tried Chin. Still no answer. Cursing, she tapped again. "Rodale to Ensign Larry. "

=/\="Larry here, ma'am. How can I help you?"=/\=

"It's been brought to my attention that we might have two missing crewmen."

Zimia spoke up and said, "Ensign Sel'uk and nurse Nim Murphy are missing too.

"Ok, it might be 4 they could all be together or .......I need you to scan for their commbadge then send security to their location. To find out what is going on, Rodriguez and Chin are not answering."

"Transport Zimia to the ship." Mira told him. "Don't worry, Zimia, we will find them. Then I'll explain the problem with not following my orders."


Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris.


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