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Girl time

Posted on Mon Feb 12th, 2024 @ 3:31pm by Commander Mira Rodale & Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti

Mission: Guilty Pleasures
Location: Risa beach
Timeline: Current

{Suraya Bay, beach}

Dianna ran up to Mira and grabbed her hand, then pulled her away from Tank, Kronnelti said, You were getting frustrated she said, so I came to save you she said as the two walked off.

"Hey, wait," Tank yelled out, but it was too late. The girls were gone, and Kronnelti sat in his chair, wondering how life would be back on the ship now that he had a mate.

Mira sighed. How did her brother know how she was feeling? She had thought she had been coving it rather well. Mira said nothing as they walked.

"So what happened?" Dianna asked her.

Mira frowned. "Rico is working the night shift because someone got hurt. So Tank thought that I would just love to fill in for one of the girls on stage." Mira rolled her eyes."Then he could not believe I said no, I wasn't interested."

awe she said, but sometimes you need your space from others and that I completely understand. As for your brother he saw your body language and Mira is there anything you need to vent? she asked, you are the XO of this ship there must be something.

"Vent?" Mira blinked "I am not sure what you mean."

To let your frustrations out girl talk and let it all out. I promise you will feel a whole lot better.

Mira nodded "Ah when I need to vent, it's done with exercise or drinking if things are really bad." Mira patted Dianna arm. "Don't worry, I have a counselor assigned to me on earth. I am good. I just need to meditate more.

or Kronnelti she chuckles. it's amazing how he knows how you are feeling she said.

May I ask how Spike became his pet? she asked

"That is an interesting and long story. Q wanted him to kill it to entertain her, but he didn't, and Kronnelti kept him." Mira grabbed a drink from the waiter as he went by.

Q? Dianna cocked her head and never heard of such a thing she said, but being on a ship, you must see everything. I'm glad he didn't kill that cat.

"Me too. Vaytoc now has someone to play with." Mira frowned."He got a cat, and I got a son." Mira shrugged." Another long story, but Q turned herself into me and had a baby. "She took a sip of her drink. "I sent him to live with my mate's brother and my cousin."

Wait, so this Q took your dna to make a child? she asked wow that's disgusting.

Mira nodded, "Yea it was hard to deal with. But I had to do the right thing by him. The ship is no place for a baby, and I can't be a full-time mom. I want him to have everything."

Speaking of babies, Dianna said as she was holding her tummy, I am no longer allowed to drink. My last drink was at the boat restaurant. I missed my period, she said.

Kronnelti is going to be a daddy as she dropped to her knees, crying happy tears.

Mira's eyes widened. "But you just meet Kronnelti, and it's only been two days?" Mira put her hand to her face. "Maybe you're wrong?" she asked. Hopefully. Did her brother even want kids? she didn't know.

Off in the distance, who would see Dianna drop to her knees...Kronnelti.

Before he got to Dianna she said it was our first time "doing it" that's why we both went back to the hut.

Kronnelti arrived to find her crying, he got down and hugged her, what's wrong he asked.

Before she could say anything Spike and Vay'toc was right behind Kronnelti, they started sniffing her. She put her hands around Kronnelti hugging him tightly, boys is something wrong Kronnelti asks as they puts their nose to her belly.

How well are their senses? Dianna asked

Kronnelti said their 3 times stronger than a Klingons why do you ask?

He looks at Mira then back at Dianna.... do you know something sis?

Before Mira could say anything Dianna got up took his hand and led him back to the hut.

(Inside the hut)

Dianna sat him down and told him that when we did "it" that was our first time. Well I missed my period and you are going to be a daddy.

Kronnelti didn't know how to react to this....

He stood up and walked outside, Mira saw him from a distance and she thought the worst was going to happen.

Dianna came outside crying he turned around and hugged her reassuring she's going to be alright.

I'll be back, he went running to Mira picked her up hugged her, put her back down.

If it's really true I'm going to be a father. But he looked at the cats you both have senses beyond my capabilities is it true.

Both cats jumped for joy.

I'm going to be a father as he started crying.

What do I do? He asked I've been bread for war, fighting and killing and that's all I know.

Mira hugged him, "I don't know what to tell you. Kolar and I tried for years to have a baby, and when I did. They both died within a few hours of each other. I was left with nothing. I don't want that for you but this is happening so fast. Perhaps you should take her to the doctors to find out if its true then let her look at where she will be living? if she is your mate and she is carrying your child then hang on to both of them." Mira didn't know what else to say. She wouldn't be dealing very well with all of this if she was in this predicament.

He nods, please have somebody beam me and Dianna to medical.

Mira askes the ship to beam both Kronnelti and up Dianna and Kronnelti takes her are to medical.


Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti
Chief of security/tactical
USS Chuck Norris


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