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under the moon light

Posted on Sun Feb 11th, 2024 @ 6:21pm by Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti

Mission: Guilty Pleasures
Location: Risa
Timeline: current

As Dianna and Kronnelti start dancing to the soft music the sun started to set and the moons became more visible. Dianna lays her head on him feeling more secure, I don't want this to end she said as she looks up at him.

I don't either he replied, Dianna understood that once a klingon finds a mate their life is forever.

The music stops and both sit back down to find the rest of their meal has been finished by both cats, they both laugh and pet them.

It's now getting late and everybody had left the boat at some point, Mira was walking next to Rico on the beach with Vay'toc next to her while Kronnelti and Dianna sat on the beach. She would lay up against his chest with Spike at their feet.

I can't believe how beautiful this is she said.

We'll be leaving back to the ship in a few days, are you ready for a life on a ship that is battle ready? He asked.

Dianna didn't hesitate and said yes I am, I am your mate I am ready for anything she said. So he scooped her back up and went back to the hut to sit and relax.

Off in the distance Mira was getting frustrated, Kronnelti could tell by her body posture. Honey why don't you go distract my sister he said she's getting frustrated, she smiled and said of course so she went up to Mira and grabbed her hand and took her away for girl time.


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