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Suraya Bay

Posted on Fri Feb 9th, 2024 @ 11:46pm by Commander Mira Rodale & Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti

Mission: Guilty Pleasures
Location: Risa
Timeline: Present

{Risa, Suraya Bay}

Mira had taken some time to unwind and go swimming with Vaytoc while Dianna and Kronnelti spent some quality time together.

Since the earthquake, the Risans were trying to get the visitors' minds off it by starting the Lohlunat earlier in the day. It really was amazing how the Risans pulled together and transformed a beautiful beach into a  festival playground. The beach was covered with food stands, and as it got darker that night, the sparkling lights would light up.

Mira was looking forward to just walking along the beach under the moons light.

She swam to shore, ringing out her wet hair, and spotted Kronnelti and Dianna. Of course, Vaytoc waited until he was right in the middle of them to shake off the water on his fur. "Brat!" Mira accused him. Vaytoc just trotted over to Spike like nothing happened.

Kronnelti and Dianna saw what Vay'toc did and laughed, I see you are not allowed to dry off, he said.

Mira smirked. "He is so happy. He is acting like a kitten." she shook her head, then waved a hand around."It's beautiful here. Wait until dark. Then, they turn on the little twinkling lights. It's magical. Like you're walking in the stars. " Mira walked up to a stand and picked out a chicken and pineapple kabobs." Every food stand has different food. It's really hard not to try everything, " she laughed

Spike was having a blast as well as the locals were throwing meats to him and Vay'toc, Kronnelti looked around and asked Dianna what she would like to try, as she looked around she spotted a stand that had turkey legs and said I would like to go to that one.

Kronnelti nodded, and they both went off to the turkey stand. They both got a leg and some other meats and headed back to their living area for some privacy.

Meanwhile, Spike and Vay'toc ate their share of food then ran around jumping on each other.

"Come on, guys, let's go for a walk and see what is going on down by the pier." As she walked, her eyes took in everything. She could feel the happy atmosphere around her, and it was addicting. it was one of the things she loved about Risa.

At the pier, Lark and Ruon were trying to get people to try the HydroFlying Water Sports Flyboarding. Ruon lowered the flyboard to her level and held out his hand. Mira easily took the hand and stepped off the pier onto the board. He shot up into the air, making her laugh. He wispered, hang on to her, and did a series on head over heels flips. To please the crowd. He brought back down to the pier, and Mira stepped off. She waved as he went off to try to get someone else to fly with him. Mira petted both cats, and then they continued their walk.

Some Risan women were dancing to the tropical island music, pulling people in and showing them how to move their hips. Mira laughed until they pulled her in. She knew the dance and kept up with them as if she had been dancing her whole life.

A little while later, Kronnelti & Dianna came out of the hut to continue looking around. She held onto his arm while they walked down the beach.

They saw Ruon on the hydro flyboard, and kronnelti asked Dianna if she wanted to try it, and she said she would like to.

They walked up, and Ruon brought it down and extended his hand to bring her up. She held onto him as he went flying up, and she started screaming as if it was a rollercoaster ride.

Ruon laughed at her joy. "Are you up for some tricks?" At Dianna nod, he scooped her up in his arms and held her tight as his did the flip and swirl. Then he brought her down to Kronnelti.

Kronnelti laughed and asked if she had fun and she said yes. They eventually caught up to Mira seeing her dance on stage, Dianna ran up and started to dance with her while Ruon and Kronnelti watched.

Both girls are laughing and smiling having a great time dancing to the music, Vay'toc and Spike even joined jumping around.

Mira came running down the steps, followed by Dianna. Mira patted her arm. "You did great!" Mira told her.

"I have been watching them dance and have tried a few times, but you looked like you have been dancing for years."

Mira laughed. "When I lived here, I was part of the security team, but the need for security on a peaceful planet is not a full-time job. So they re-signed you to different areas as fill-in. Dancing was one of mine, the other was free climbing the cliffs as an instructor. occasionally, I would have to go up when someone froze. Then, I would have to talk them down. " Mira shrugged "I need a drink, frozen strawberry lemonade. Do you to want one?" Mira asked

Yes please make that two Dianna said, so are you and Kronnelti related she asked? as she sips on her lemonade

Mira thought about teasing her and saying of course can't you see the family resemblance but she didn't know how the woman would take it so she went with "We adopted we other. " Mira smiled

That's sweet she said, he really looks out for those he loves and will go to great lengths she said.

I must be lucky to have fallen for him then, How does he act on the ship is he different from when he is on vacation? she asks

"Actually he has always been protective but I never really saw him smile much until recently. He never thought about vacations until I started dragging him out and I think he did that mostly because trouble has a way if finding me." Mira laughed "But you can rest assured that if he says your the one then you are." she smiled as she nodded.

Hearing that made her fall deeper for him, so hes always had a straight face.

She looks over at Kronnelti then faints ( overly dramatic arm over the forehead )

He looks over and sees Dianna drop, he rushes over there but as he gets to her he sees Mira giggling. He looks up and says what's so funny? I watched her drop he said.

Mira giggles even harder that's when Dianna said I don't get a revival kiss?

"You my serious big brother are going to learn the meaning of being flirted with and tease by your mate. She is being ... playful." When your mate does that you Kiss her." Mira chuckled then looked over at Dianna " Don't give up on him he will get the concept."

He scooped her up in his arms looked her in the eyes and said how is this then as he softly kissed her.


Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris

Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti
Chief of security/tactical
USS Chuck Norris


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