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A rumble of Risa

Posted on Fri Feb 9th, 2024 @ 1:42am by Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti & Commander Mira Rodale

Mission: Guilty Pleasures
Location: Risa
Timeline: current


While out walking around and seeing the sights with Dianna, Kronnelti felt a slight vibration that didn't seem right. Dianna stopped and asked him if he's alright.

Yes, dear, he said, I felt a vibration. That's when Vay'toc sent a picture of Mira fainting, then telepathically said, trapped in a cave.

Kronnelti said shit this can't be happening! Dianna had a worried look on her face and asked what had happened.

He explained that his sister is trapped in a cave, and her pet cat is a breed that can send thoughts to somebody it knows.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She said lets go and get your sister out of the cave.

Kronnelti thought to Vaytoc let them know i'm on my way!

{Subterranean Gardens}

"This is ridiculous. Isn't there another way out?" A woman yelled.

"The ancestors are angered," a man said.

"Wait, is there another way out? Mira asked the guided.

"Yes, but it isn't safe and to don't have the climbing gear. Most there people couldn't make it." The guided told her.

Mira looked relieved. "I could make it. Then get help."

"No, they will know something is wrong in 2 more hours." The guided repeated.

Vaytoc sent her an image of Kronnelti running to get them. Well, she wasn't sure how he knew they were in trouble, but that did cut their time down here. Mira swallowed hard. she could wait, and if not, then she would climb out with or without a rope

Kronnelti held Dianna in his arms as he ran towards the cave, he also didn't want to leave her behind since he can run faster than her.

It took well over an hour n a half to get to the cave, safety crews were just starting to get there but nothing was set up. He saw the boulder that was blocking the cave entrance and it was pretty big.

Kronnelti put Dianna down and told her to wait here as he walked up to the boulder. He pulls out a pair of gloves from his back pocket and put them on.

Kronnelti then sent another thought to Vay'toc that hes outside.

The gloves he is wearing have razor sharp spikes that he improvised well in advance, he slams his hands into the boulder and with all his strength he tries pulling the boulder but nothing.

He thinks to himself i need leverage so he digs his feet into the dirt, slams his hands into the boulder at different angles and started pulling again but this time he has advantage.

Mira rubbed her forehead with her fingertips as she paced back and forth. "Can you get a message out." A woman asked her

Mira shook her head no. She had tried tapping her commbadge an hour ago.

"Can they beam us out?" Mira asked the guided.
He shook his head no. "The rock in here messes with transporters."

"Then let's start digging out ourselves." Mira asked

The guided shook his head no "We don't know how far it collapsed."

Mira raised an eyebrow "Well I need something to do. Either I start digging or I am going the other way out." she told him with her hands on her hips.

Ruon smiled "I'll help you dig. let's go."

twenty minutes of pulling the boulder started to budge but slightly & as it moves a loud suction of air can be heard at the entrance.

The team that showed up saw Kronnelti and went down to help him with equipment to help move the boulder.

Further into the cave

Mira and Ruon were moving slowly. It wasn't long before some of the other people started to help. Mira huffed " This is going to take longer then I thought. " Mira told him.

"But you feel better doing something right?" Ruon asked.

"Yea I needed to do something " Mira told him.

It takes several hours to get the boulder moved away from the entrance of the cave, Kronnelti ripped off his gloves and yelled for Dianna to come as she waits no time doing so.

They walk hand in hand looking for his sister as the crews run in calling out for everybody.

Kronnelti thought to Vay'toc the picture of the entrance open.

They were almost to the next chamber when Vaytoc sent a message Kronnelti was in the next chamber. He was practice from foot to foot Happy.
Mira smiled she could see light. "Almost there." She had started at the top hoping not to make more rocks fall.

Kronnelti looked at Dianna and said this way he kept going the way Vay'toc showed him. It took a half hour to catch up as Kronnelti started calling out to Mira.

(Mira) Yelled Kronnelti the echo cuts through the cave to where she is, she stops for a second then another (Mira) echoed again she looks at Ruon with excitement he's here she said.

"Here, we are here!" Mira yelled. Her Arm has pushed through the rocks and she was able to squeeze a little more out the hole she made. "There are more people still inside."
She let Kronnelti pull her the rest of the way out.

"Do you know what happened? The Risan's are saying thier ancestors are angry." Mira asked.

I felt a vibration when I was out with Dianna he said, I believe it's called an earthquake he said. We must evacuate everyone to the beach away from here.

You and Diana take everyone me and Ruon will make sure the rest are out he said.

Mira hesitated for a moment as XO is was her job to make sure everyone was OK. But that would mean she remained in the cave. She didn't think she could do that right now.

"The beach, yeah that's a good place." her hand went to his arm and gave it a squeeze. “No heroic, you have a mate waiting for you. She comes first."
She kissed Ruon on his cheek. "Thank you for keeping me sane. I was losing it."

Ruon gave her a gentle smiled "Any time, Babe now get your hands looked at."

Holding up her hands, she was a little surprised "yeah I guess I'll be doing that too."

Mira had used her hands to dig without care to damaging them she had just wanted out.
"Dianna, let's get people to the beach." Mira turned and walked out of the tunnel. As she came out, more people ran in to help.

She tapped her commbadge. "Rodale to the USS Chuck Norris call everyone to the beach until the Risans can check their systems. We had a minor earthquake."

=/\= Yes Ma'am=/\=

A medic ran up to her. "Are you hurt?"

Mira held out her hands to be cleaned and treated. Before Dianna and her moved to the beach.

Tank found her in all the chaos. "Are you ok? Where is Ruon?" he asked her

"I am fine, Ruon is with Kronnelti helping get the rest of the people out of the caves."

Ruon nodded "Ok I have huts on the water booked for the rest of your vacation. Thank the gods. I booked them this morning because everything is filling up. #18, 19, 20, 21, is ours." Mira nodded.
"My clothes?” Mira asked

"There are in # 20" he kissed her forehead and then ran off to help.

"Is it always this crazy?" Dianna asked

"You get used to it. " Mira smiled as they moved to the water to wash off. "So what do you do for a living?" Mira asked, hoping to find her something to do on the ship. other wise, the woman would go stir crazy.

Dianna says I worked as a bartender back on earth she said, the place was known for sleezy delegates and I needed out, I heard about Risa so a few of my friends decided to come here for some fun l and to be honest I wasn't looking for a relationship but when he went up (legs become gelatin) I feel in love.

"Well, I have done that only it was from here and then I went to earth!" Mira laughed."Not sure what you're going to want to do on the ship, but when you figure it out. I'll try to make it happen. Welcome to the family." Mira hugged her.

Kronnelti returns to Dianna she then turns and hugs him as if he was away on a mission.

He hugs her back and says everything is going to be ok.

"Tank got us new accommodation in the huts built out on the water. You two are in 21. I am in 20. From the reports coming in there are minor damage but my favorite Bungalow is some place halfway down the mountain. " Mira shrugged "Good thing this didn't happen last night"

Kronnelti thanks tank and agrees with Mira.

Dianna spots the two cats walking up behind her mate and said they are beautiful, what are their names as she points to the cats .

Mira says this is Vay'toc and that's Spike, Dianna crouched down and both cats started sniffing her up n down then pounced on her purring and licking her.

Mira laughed, then a Risan man came up, "We have double-checked our equipment. Everything seems stable. I don't understand it."

Mira nodded, "Well check each building, then have your security let people leave the beach area." The man nodded then told her that tonight was the Lohlunat, the Festival of the Moon, and it is always held at Suraya Bay.

Mira smiled. "Wouldn't miss it." she told the man as he walked way. Mira turned to Kronnelti. "One of my must to do is Suraya Bay. The view of both moons is amazing. Every night, a boat sails into bay. People swim out to the boat and are served amazing food. it's so beautiful." Mira told them.

Kronnelti replied I wouldn't miss it as he looked at Dianna. She looked into his eyes and said the same thing.

Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


Lt Awal Kronnelti
Chief of security/tactical


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