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Posted on Wed Feb 7th, 2024 @ 4:23am by Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti & Commander Mira Rodale

Mission: Guilty Pleasures
Location: Risa
Timeline: current

Outside the bungalows:

Waking up the next morning, Kronnelti looked to see Dianna still in the bed. It wasn't a dream he thought to himself, and he felt that the void was now beginning to be filled. The urge to go into battle is lessening.

He gets up, and he does his morning routine. Then Kronnelti walks outside onto the deck to watch the sun rise up over Risa. Dianna wakes up a few minutes later and sees the Klingon outside. She walks up behind him and gives him a hug.

She asks Kronnelti what his plans are. He looks down and says I'll be returning to my ship the USS Chuck Norris. I am the chief of security, he says. She gives a sad look and says, "You're going to leave me?" He says no, I want you to come with me. This is the first time I’ve ever felt like this, he said.

Walking back with the guys, Mira smiled at seeing Kronnelti with his girlfriend.

They seemed to be having an important talk so Mira walked into her bungalow to set eyes on a very upset human. He was looking over the railing then spun around. "Where have you been?" Rico asked her.

Her first instincts were to answer but "Now you hold on right there, Rico. This is my vacation. You slept in, and I did my morning work out." She waved a hand to the table. A note was sitting there. "Now I am going to get some food and coffee, when your less grumpy, you may join me. After that I am going in the caves." she looked at the other guys. “You all can deal with him."

Ruon shook his head. "Bad move, bro." he spun around to trail after Mira.

As she walked out of her bungalow, Mira joined Kronnelti. she held out her hand. "Mira Rodale XO of the USS Chuck Norris." she gave her a smile.
"Dianna," the girl told her, shaking Mira's hand. "It's nice to meet you,"
"Nice to meet you as well. We are going to get breakfast then spelunking? It's just a small group getting together to see the glowing plants. If you both want to come with us, you are welcome. But seeing as to two just meet if you want to spend time together I understand."

Kronnelti smiled at Dianna and then looked to Mira. "I don't want to leave her. I want her with me on the ship."

"Wow, Kolar said the same thing...." Mira shook her head.

Once Klingons found their other half, it was a done deal, she guessed. Mira smiled. "This has to be said," she looked to Dianna. "We are in one of the smallest ship’s in the fleet. Your quarters are small. I mean room size only smaller than the room you slept in last night, and it will be you, Kronnelti, and Spike."

She looked up at Kronnelti. "If you two are determined, then make it official before you leave Risa. Star Fleet can't complain then. A simple justice of the peace and your a couple. The Captain will know any more rules, but it's what Kolar and I did." she shrugged.

Kronnelti looked down at Dianna and said on my home world once a Klingon finds his other half its set in stone that we are a couple..

She looked back, smiled, and said I would love to. Seeing as you have to protect everybody on the ship I know I am in good hands, & on top of that I love those war wounds it shows how much of a man you are she said and jumped up in his arms and they both kissed.

Mira blinked back tears for the couple. "May you find as much love as I did with my mate but for many more years. Take your honeymoon to. Who knows, the next time we will get off."

She turned to walk away seeing Ruon she smiled. " I need some coffee. "

Ruon smirked. "Want me to slip some whiskey in it too?"

Mira frowned. "This early in the morning?"

"But you're on vacation on Risa. We don't have rules, and what happens on Risa stays on. Risa, " he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Here, hold still," Mira frowned, waiting on him to do whatever he was doing with a little box, then pressed his thumb to her forehead. "Instant Risan."

Mira frowned at him. "What did you just do?"
"I made you a Risan." he told her. “Now our rules or lack of them applies to you!"

Mira blinked. "Did you put a Risan symbol on my forehead." At his nodded, she said. “It better not be permanent."

he chuckled. "Maybe semi permanent."

Mira rolled her eyes, wonderful. " I need coffee."

Kronnelti turned around and said I believe you need more than one he chuckled. Btw Mira how long is our r&r he asked

Mira smiled, " 14 days I hope you are planning to use everyone of them."

Mira looked at Ruon "Why did you put that on me Is it going to be off in 14 day?"

Ruon shook his head no " So do you want ice coffee or or hot coffee?"

"both and I think I'll fill the watter bottle in my backpack with coffee too. " Mira told him.

Ruon laughed "now you have got it let the flirt classes begin "

Yes ma'am he said, let's make these two weeks the best Kronnelti said

Dianna smiled then said I couldn't be more happier to do so.



Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti
Chief of security/tactical

Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


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