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Start of a new day

Posted on Wed Feb 7th, 2024 @ 9:48pm by Commander Mira Rodale
Edited on on Wed Feb 7th, 2024 @ 11:27pm

Mission: Guilty Pleasures
Location: Risa
Timeline: Present


Mira had a plate of food in front of her and a few different kinds of coffees. Ruon had taken her seriously when she said she wanted both. She just hadn't understood how many that would entail because he got her one of every kind of coffee they had.

Her eyes met his with laughter as she sipped on her hot coffees. "So you're telling me that everyone flirts and that no one takes it seriously?"

Mira shook her head, "But if I want to flirt with a guy, I want to be taken seriously."

Ruon bit into his sandwich. "Look around. See how many guys there are out there. Why would you settle for one? "

She grinned. "Because when you do pick one, you become lovers and best friends."

He waved his hand. "You have us as best friends. You just need the lover part. I can guarantee you can pick any guy walking around and take him back to your room. "

Mira nodded. "But I don't want just any guy in my bedroom. I want Mr. right."

Ruon shook his head no. "Life is too short to wait for Mr. Right when all the Mr. Right Now’s are here." he nodded his head as if he was right.

Mira looked down at her food. No wonder she couldn't find a Mr. Right when they were all running about being Mr. Right Now.

She let him go on about the finer points of flirting, and she tuned him out. That just wasn't her. Her eyes searched the area around them, looking for her friends but didn't spot them.

"I am done." She took the napkin off her lap and placed it on the table. "I am going to the caves. Thank you for having breakfast with me." Mira told him as she stood up and slipped the backpack on.

"Well, I am going too." he stopped eating to go with her. Even after she told him to just finish his meal and join her later, he shook his head no.
Picking up a glass of cold coffee, she walked down the path she knew to lead to the caves. "It really is beautiful here." Mira breathed in the fresh air as she ran her fingertips over Vaytoc's head, as they walked.

"Ok, let's talk about your normal walk." Ruon told her. Mira raised an eyebrow at him.

"Now here me out. You're poised and fluid like a cat strutting. Which is hot all by itself, but add more switches to your hips."

Mira smirked and did as he asked.

"Damn girl, I didn't think it would be that good. You're going to have all the guys after you."
Mira stopped and looked at him. "That is my 'I have a man walk', not the I want a loser coming after me walk. "

Ruon frowned. "You mean after you have the guy you walk that way for him only?"
Mira almost laughed at the confused look on his face. "Yep," she told him, taking his arm and pulling him towards the cave.

Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


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