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Q's Last Temptation

Posted on Fri Oct 27th, 2023 @ 5:37am by Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance

Mission: The Q Effect
Location: Pyxis Alpha 5
Timeline: Immediately after Q and A

{Pyxis Alpha 5}

Kevin found himself on a craggy hilltop overlooking an ocean. There was a distinct chill in the air and the barren, windswept terrain left him with little doubt that he was no longer on Risa. He was still clothed only in the bathing shorts that he had acquired on the pleasure planet and instinctively hugged himself to conserve body heat.

A flash appeared and suddenly a tall human male in the uniform of a Star Fleet Captain was in front of him. “My sister was right,” he commented, “You are quite the specimen. Too bad that the face detracts from the body”

“What do you want” Kevin demanded.

“What does any sentient being want?” Q asked in reply, “Purpose, Love, Meaning, Assurance that their legacy will live on, a really good cup of Raktajino.”

“C-Can’t stand the stuff, personally,” Kevin responded.

“You must be cold,” Q observed, starting at the Lieutenant’s chest, “Let me do something about that.”

He snapped his fingers and Kevin was covered in a bundle of fur that seemed oddly familiar to him. He was grateful for the additional clothing but suspicious of the Q’s intentions. Reports from Picard, Sisko and Janeways cautioned against the seeming generosity of the Q.

“The real question isn’t what I want, Lieutenant, but rather, what you want.”

Kevin eyes narrowed, “What do you mean?”

The Q spread his arms. “Doesn’t any of this seem familiar?” he asked.

It did, Kevin thought, but his mind rebelled against the possibility.

“Perhaps if you looked down into that valley, you might recognized it better.”

Unwilling to look but unable to stop himself, Kevin turn and walked to the inland edge of the rocky outcrop. Down below, across the inlet, was a large settlement that he immediately recognized. It was the capital of the Jarldom of Storstatten Larasson, where he had spent much of the previous two years. Down there was Kera, the woman that he had loved.

“Now that you are in full possession of the information,” Q declared happily, “I have a proposal for you.”

“What proposal?”

“I will give you a choice,” the Q continued, “I can leave you here and you can be reunited with the love of your life. Or I can take you back to Risa and a chance to save Commander Rodale.”

Kevin turn and stared at the Q without speaking.

“You are far too clever,” the Q said, “You figured out who my sister was without any hints and were able to get her to reveal my plans. Surprising for a primate who was almost kicked out of the Star Fleet Academy because he couldn’t pass a written or oral examination.”

“I passed exams,” Kevin muttered. It was a sore point.

“Barely,” the Q admitted, “Regardless, I want you out of the game. You can either go willingly,” he pointed towards the settlement, “or unwillingly.”

Kevin turned back toward the settlement. He could pick out the offices of Captain Karrelsdotter where Kera would be fulfilling her duties as shield maiden. It was so tempting. It would be so easy to say yes and have Kera back in his life. The Federation had left a small diplomatic detachment when the mission he was on had ended but he could easily blend in with the Odinskus. No one would know. His crew would assume that he had been abducted by the Q and was perhaps dead. They wouldn’t look for him and even if they did, he would be hidden over a thousand light years from Risa.

But it would be wrong to turn his back on duty for personal gain. Kera had not forsaken her duties and neither had he when the diplomatic mission to Pyxis Alpha 5 ended. If he stayed, he would know the betrayal and he knew that Kera would sense it as well.

And the fact that Q wanted him out of the game meant that Kevin had a real chance of saving the executive officer.

Wiping back the tears that were beginning to form in the corners of his eyes, he turned back to the Q and said in as steady a voice as his emotions would allow, “No deal. Take me back. Now.”

The Q rubbed his hands together with relish and declared, “Oh good! I was afraid that you would choose staying. Now we can really have fun!” He snapped his fingers.

And Kevin was in a jungle. Gone were the furs and he was back to being clad only in the Risan bathing shorts. Lieutenant JG Walker was standing in front him. The lucky dog had a heavy coat, long pants and decent boots.

Trace and Kevin looked at each other for several moment, then the security officer asked, “What did he offer you?”

Kevin looked away in shame. “Nothing important,” he muttered.


Kevin Lance
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Chuck Norris


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By Lieutenant Betaras K'ner on Fri Oct 27th, 2023 @ 1:07pm

good one! 8^)