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Down the Rabbit Hole

Posted on Mon Sep 18th, 2023 @ 12:27pm by Captain Michael Intermeezo

Mission: Throne of Glass
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Present


{USS Chuck Norris, Ready Room}

Michael Intermeezo sat in his ready room, reading over the transmission that Starfleet Command had sent him a few moments prior. Their orders were for the Chuck Norris to return to Earth and debrief on their recent skirmish with the Zaj. “Not exactly an exciting order.” The man sighed to himself.

“Then perhaps I can help.” A voice spoke suddenly.

Michael looked up and saw… himself stood in front of his desk. “What the…?” Was this him from a future time period? An alien doppelgänger? His mind playing tricks on him? The man was dressed in a long black coat, and was sporting a thick beard, but it was definitely him.

“Let me stop you there.” The other Intermeezo smiled. “I can see the cogs turning in that mind of yours trying to make sense of the situation.”

“Can you blame me?” The Captain frowned. “Who are you, what do you want?”

The double smiled again. “I’m you. Well, I’m me, but I’m also you. I’m Michael Intermeezo. But not from this universe.”

“Not from this universe?” Michael questioned. He studied the man and noticed a few scars that he didn’t have. Although they both looked to be the same age, so he wasn’t from the future. There was only a handful of possibilities that he could think of that would cause this double to be stood in his ready room, “The mirror universe?” He finally deduced.

“Bingo!” The double jumped with glee. “Now, order your ship to these coordinates.” He threw a padd towards the Captain.

Michael caught the padd and looked at the coordinates. “This is only a few minutes away from our current position, but there’s nothing there. Just a nebula.”

“Just do it.” The double spoke harshly.

“And if I don’t?”

“Well, let’s just say we won’t be going anywhere else, ever.” The double reached into the pocket of his long coat and produced what looked like a plasma grenade. He waved the grenade around for a moment. “Don’t bother trying to lock onto it with a transporter, I’ve attached a scrambler to it. By the time your transporters lock on I’ll have detonated it.”

“And a forcefield wouldn’t help either I suppose?” The Captain said, frustration evident in his voice.

The double grinned, “You’re right. If this grenade detects that a forcefield is about to be activated it will detonate quicker than you can say Red Alert.”

“Point taken.” The Captain tapped his comm badge, “Helm, set a course for the Ergos system and take us into the Drega Nebula.”

“Aye Captain.” Came the response. “ETA 3 minutes.”

Michael looked at his double, “So what will happen once we go into the nebula? Will you let my ship go?”

The double nodded, “Yes. But not before you help me with some business. You see… I need your help, Captain. I’m in trouble. A lot of us are. And some firepower would really help turn the tide for us.”

The Captain got to his feet quickly and slammed his hands on the desk, “Stop speaking in riddles and tell me what the hell you want with the Chuck Norris!”

“Nice to see that you do actually have some fire in your belly,” the double grinned, “I would have thought that being in this comfortable universe at your comfortable desk would have turned you soft.”

The comm system opened, “Bridge to Captain. We are now entering the Drega Nebula.”

The ship suddenly rocked and buffeted. The two men struggled to keep their balance but remained standing. The Captain moved to the window and saw that the ship was nowhere near a nebula.

“Welcome to my home.” The double smiled. He pressed a hidden portable transport nodule under his coat and disappeared.

Michael rushed out onto the bridge. “Report.”

“The ship appears to have travelled through a hidden wormhole that formed part of the Drega Nebula, sir.” Came an answer. “But instead of transporting us across a large distance, we’ve hardly moved. I don’t understand it.”

Michael sat in the command chair and gripped the armrests of the chair tightly. “We’re in the mirror universe. Take us to yellow alert and start scanning the immediate area. Get ready for anything…”


So, the Chuck Norris finds itself in the Mirror Universe! I hope you have fun with this one. Lots of possibilities to meet our doubles and explore what makes our characters who they are as opposed to their mirror universe counterparts.

This mission is completely open to going in any direction at all; so have fun, be creative, push your boundaries. The only lead we have is that Intermeezo’s double needs help with something, and needs the Chuck Norris in the Mirror Universe.

Captain Michael Intermeezo
Commanding Officer
USS Chuck Norris, NCC-4005



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