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Posted on Mon Sep 18th, 2023 @ 3:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Mira Rodale
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Mission: Throne of Glass
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Present

{USS Chuck Norris}

Mira has talking to Ensign Selina in the Science department. Mira had loved science as a teenager but had not pursued it as a major because of her linguistice skills.

She frowned as she felt the change in the ship and the engine speed change. They were moving? She started to tap her comm badge to see what was going on they did have a few repair crewmen from engineering on the base.

"Start a sensor scan," she told Shaw, thinking that the readings would tell her why they were moving.

Shaw said, " I am picking up a signal and a lot of power coming from the Drega Nebula.”

The ship suddenly rocked and buffeted. Mira was a small woman, but when the Ensign started to fall, Mira reached out to steady her. They both ended up falling.

Laughing, Mira got to her feet, but her eyes darted to the readings. "These are all wrong."

Taking a copy of the readings with her padd, she started to run to the bridge, but as the door opened, she ran right into a man in black and was shoved up on the wall.

After a struggle her hand came away from her attacker with the blade that had been on his waist. Her other hand with her padd was still in his grip as she looked up to meet cold eyes and a beard?

That moment of confusion cost her, and the padd was taken out of her hand as he stepped back, dropping her on her feet.

"I needed this." he held up her padd. "You're faster than planned."

As her hand went to her comm, he smacked it way hard. " Don't do that,"

Mira's eyes took all of him in. if it wasn't for the beard, Mira would have sword the Captain just changed his clothes. She realized something in that moment, the Intruder alert from the computer did not go off because this man had the same readings as the Captain.

"You're not the captain." Her body went into a fight stance ready to fight for the padd he had taken. It contained too much information on it.

That's when she noticed another weapon in his hand now a plasma grenade.

She took a step back "Your not going to kill yourself over a fight with me."

The man just grinned, "This is going to be interesting." With that, he dissappear

As Mira entered the bridge, she heard

“We’re in the mirror universe. Take us to yellow alert and start scanning the immediate area. Get ready for anything…”

She really looked at the Captain closely and then said, "The scanner is already operational and has come up with a few interesting things."

She walked to the console attached to the captain's chair, calling up the information for him.

"I ordered it as I felt the ship moving."

Remembering the blade in her hand, she held the handle up for him to see. "Do you recognize this symbol? Because I don't. The blade is unique, and I am unfamiliar with it. " That was odd to. She knew all the blade shapes or so she thought.

At his questioning look, she continued, " I ran into a...... bearded man there was a conflict. I got this, but he got my padd." she blushed at that, not happy she had lost the padd. " I tried to get the computer to deactivate it, but it's not on the ship anymore." She bit her lip. "He knew me. Countered my moves as I made them."

Highly confused at that, her eyes looked away from him to the screen. He had thought she would be slower?

Lt.Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


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