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"Somethin's Hap'ened...."

Posted on Tue Jun 15th, 2021 @ 1:40pm by Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant Tessa Riley & Lieutenant JG Stellan Everson & Lieutenant JG Djon Zyngh & Lieutenant JG Steven Wright & Crewman Apprentice Squeazal

Mission: Onassis Discovery
Location: Star Base -X
Timeline: Appropriate

Prof. Loris Naylor Cordova, sits waiting for any Command Grade Member, of the USS Chuck Norris, NCC 4005, to show-up in Star Base 10's Lounge/ Bar the "Manava Afi".

When CSO Lt. Djon Jhytangry Zyngh, and relative "Cousin" Zynned Elock Myra arrive along with an interesting assortment of Klingons, and of course the ever Present Che Herrera Squeazal.

She motions to an Orion Bar Maid to come over to her table. Then speaks to her briefly and hands the Bar Maid a note, while pointing out a Large Reptoid Star Fleet Officer. Who is sitting at a table with some "Friends" Across the room.

The Bar Maid crosses the room and catches, actually Squeazal's attention first.
" May be Helping Miss?" asks Squeazal quizzically.

"Yes. Sir." she politely replies, as the "Conversations" at 'Djon's Table' quickly come to an abrupt halt.

As she ignores the leers of the others at the Table, as she turns to Djon and asks, coyly "Are you CSO Lt. Djon Jhytangry Zyngh, of the USS Chuck Norris?"

"Yes, I am, Miss. How can I help you?" he asks politely, and amazingly articulately as he puts down his half full rather 'volatile' Mug of "Horasow Beast" 'Blood Wine'.

She 'counters' with, "The Lady, at the Table over there." as she points, to Prof. Loris Cordova, at her table across the bar room, that is presently slowly filling with assorted revelers.

Then hands Djon a note. Simply saying, "She said You'd know What to do.", as she did so.
Then she said, " She also told me to Say, " Be Seeing You.". ", as she gave Djon a "okay-sign"-off-her-forehead sign salute.
Finishing confusingly, with, "She said you understand."

Djon & Squeazal, and for some reason "Cousin" Zynned, looked quickly from the Bar Maid, to the Professor's table.

Where Prof. Loris Naylor Cordova, was no longer sitting at. Then quickly back to the Young Orion Bar Maid. Who had suddenly also disappeared into the now crowded Star Base 10's Lounge/ Bar the "Manava Afi".

Djon looked quickly at the note, that only: "Ua Malamalama nei le Malamalama." Then muttered to himself, "Oh! Bloody-Shit.", as he looked first at Squeazal then at "Cousin" Zynned.

"I go find Capt, Winters quick." squealed, Squeazal as he vanished into the crowded room.
"Cousin" Zynned pulled Djon aside, while the other Reptoids made their excuses in fluent "Heart-Felt-Klingon", as they left for Their Ship the: "Sabole Ehza Ttoka".

Squeazal found Winters in his quarters, with Lt. JG Wright just leaving exiting the room, something between a smile and a grimace on his face as he nodded at Squeazal, stepping out the door and striding quickly back towards the Promenade and the entertainment.
Squeazal, after he catches his Breathe, "Please Lt. Wright, to be coming back Please. Thank You"

"Alright, I'll meet you back here when you're done Squeazal, just going to grab a Raktajino first."

" This More Important than Raktajino, Lt. Wright." Says Squeazal, as calmly as Possible. "It will eventually involve the Entire Multiverse."

"Very well, maybe I don't need more stimulants anyways."

"Thank You, Lt.," Squeazal replies, as he turns toward Capt. Aurther Winters and waits for Lt, jg, Steven Wright re-enter the Captain's Quarters on Star Base 10.

"The Powers that be obviously moved the time-table forward on Vatreni Pixies experiment on the Science Vessel the USS San Diego, NX-92011." Squeazal states, as Motions for Capt. Winters and Lt, jg, Wright to sit down.
" The Chuck Norris and the Battleship, USS Maria Ignis, NCC-92069, were suppose to accompany USS San Diego, to a "Designated Position", for Experiment." Squeazal pauses 'for effect' as makes himself comfortable on nearby table as he Continues facing the Capt. and th Lt., "Djon is back aboard the Chuck Norris and others are aboard the "Sabole Ehza Ttoka". Making plans to hopefully recover the San Diego, after receiving the message "Light has Become Shadow." from Prof. Loris Naylor Cordova, was aboard the USS Maria Ignis, Disappeared, not in a manner that was expected."

"Have found the Capt.?" came the message from Djon, as he Commed Squeazal.

"Yes, and he and Lt Wright have been informed."

"Indeed I have been informed. Cadet, please head back to the Chuck Norris. Grab anyone that you happen to see. Inform Lt. Djon to set up an officers briefing in the mess hall hall to inform the senior officers of this." Aurther went quiet as he thought for a moment, "I don't understand how this information was now relayed back to me however?."

Squeazal looked confused slightly, "What do you mean Cap?"

"If the Chuck Norris was supposed to be rendezvous with the Maria Ignis to escort the San Diego for an experiment, why were we diverted back to Starbase 10? That makes no sense. Most of the damage that the ship took could have been repaired, slower mind you, but nothing that required a dry dock."

Squeazal shrugged, and Wright also just shook his head.

"It's all, just seeming like a mess. Report back to the ship. I will meet you all as soon as I can." Winters ordered as he stood up.

As Squeazal scampered away down the corridor, Wright also stood, and addressed the captain. "Seems to be one hell of a day, I might end up being awake for 3 days yet." Pausing for a moment, he added, "Sir." "I do find it heavily suspicious we were ordered here instead, I'm going to see what I can find out, I'm still in the Starbase's systems, and have access to most of the Klingon ships around us. I wonder if your meetings with Admiralty may have been moved up to allow this 'accident' of logistics"
"Aye, Aye! Capt Winters." Replied Squeazal, Snapping both The Capt. and Lt. Wright a quick Salute. Then Scampering through the open Door way of the Capt.'s Quarters and the Corridor to on going Festivities where most of the crew was likely to be.

As, he went he commed. Djon aboard the USS Chuck Norris, "Djon,...."

"I heard." Djon Interrupted, politely as possible," You, left your comm link, open again, Olde Man."

" I turn-off, It. Now." Squeazal panted as entered the Prominade Area. Seeing Commander Ech'am G'ginloss and Lieutenant JG Awal Kronnelti, he shouted as loud as he could and waved as many arms as could manage,"Chach! Hoch dub to the duj! Chach! Hoch dub to the duj!!"
( Mean While, Back on the USS Chuck Norris, NCC 4005. )

Djon from his workstation in the ship's Science/Medical Lab, Commed, the Communication Officer on Duty on the Bridge.

"Hello, Bridge Comm. Officer on Duty, this is Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant JG Djon Zyngh."

"Bridge Comm. Officer on Duty, Ensign Kandis Miller, Lt. Zyngh." she replied efficiently.

" Could you connect me with Star Base-X's Base-Wide Public Comm. System as well as a Ship Wide Hail. Please, Ensign Miller?" Djon Politely requested.

"Channels Open, Lt. Zyngh. You may Proceed." the Ensign acknowledged crisply.

" Thank You, Ensign." He Replied. "Star Base Ten and USS Chuck Norris, this is Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant JG Djon Zyngh." Came Djon's best Bartonic Base Vioce, "Per Captain Aurther Winters, Commanding Officer, of the USS Chuck Norris, all Chuck Norris Ship's Officers are to Report to the Ship's Mess Hall, ASAP. That put down your drinks and the Girls Now! and come at Once. That is All."

After "Clicking" Off, Djon, Personally Comm-ed Ntoa ea Selekane, and "Cousin" Zynned Elock Myra, aboard the "Sabole Ehza Ttoka", and invited them to the Chuck Norris's Mess Hall.

Then he Pulled-up the Section 31 Files on Project "Kaunggkain Tanhkarr Mha"; Prof. Loris Naylor Cordova; "Tagata" 'Scientist/Engineer, Vatreni Pixies; and his Enigmatic "Assistant" know only as "51", using his "cousin's" Zynned access codes.


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