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Lieutenant JG Steven Wright

Name Steven Louis Wright

Position Encryption Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 195
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Though definitely physically fit, Commander Steven Wright always seems to appear smaller and less impressive than he really is. Many times this officer has startled fellow crewmen and personnel because of his ability to operate unnoticed. And even if noticed, his build, hair color, as well as facial structure, all seem plain, almost boring. That said, Commander Wright has demonstrated exceptional combat abilities, scoring a disconcertingly high accuracy and victory rate in training exercises and classified actions.


Spouse Steven Wright never married.
Children Steven Wright has had no children
Father Johnathan Wright
Mother Elisabeth Hartnell
Brother(s) Steven Wright had one brother, Lieutenant Commander Reginald Wright, deceased in a warp core overload on board the USS Jackson, on which he served as Chief of Engineering.
Sister(s) Steven Wright has no sisters.
Other Family Steven Wright does not know of any other family members, though Starfleet records indicate he has worked closely with a 2nd cousin on his mother's side on-board the USS Annuad.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A quick-witted and perceptive man, Steven Wright prefers to remain in background roles. Providing intelligence, advice, and expertise, Wright performs his duties from the shadows, rarely seen by those he was not directly working with.
Strengths & Weaknesses Starfleet records indicate very little that could indicate strengths or weaknesses in Wright's psyche. As for skills, Wright is an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant, a precise marksman, an encryption expert, and has a knack for computer systems of all kinds.

If I, the officer reviewing Wright, must decide what weakness he exhibits, it would have to be the lack of any strong emotion. Humans simply do not have emotions as calm as his. No computer record of him ever indicates any outburst or serious expressionsd at all, in behavior or expression. So while some races would consider this lack of emotion a blessing and strength, I theorize that someday Wright will break, because no Human is that free of emotions.
Ambitions Wright's ambitions are not well known, but he has shown that when he desires it, he can manage others well, make snap decisions under extreme stress, and can accomplish most anything he sets his mind to, including several problems that his commanding officers could not solve. The only ambition this officer can ascribe to Wright would be the safety and growth of The Federation, even though his traits allude to a leadership role.
Hobbies & Interests Wright seems to enjoy combing through various forms of intelligence, and relishes an opportunity to learn something others do not know. An expert in more than sixty nonhuman spoken languages, on top of ten from his own world, Wright can also speak fluently most languages known to Starfleet. This affords him the ability to serve as translator with nearly any race in known space.

Personal History Commander Steven Louis Wright is the son of Starfleet Admiral Johnathan Wright and wife Elisabeth Hartnell. Raised within Starfleet, Commander Wright learned the ways of the Federation at a young age, and had started sneaking access to his father's communiques by the age of six. With no other motivation but to learn, a seven year old Wright broke the most advanced encryption Starfleet had at the time. His childhood was a repeat after repeat of this behavior.

Wright possessed an unerring ability to spot the culprit, break the code, and see the pattern in anything. By the time he enrolled in the Academy, he was one of the foremost encryption specialists in Federation space. Unfortunately, most of his time in Starfleet, and even a small amount of his time in the Academy, are classified for unknown reasons. It is known that during his third year at the Academy, he met a Betazoid woman named Triolla Del, and formed a romantic relationship, before she graduated and was transferred off world two years later. This is the only personal relationship known to have occurred in Wright's life since enlisting.
Service Record Steven Wright enrolled at the Academy at age 16, remaining there until his graduation at 22. While there are no marks for these gaps, there were many week to month long periods with no record. He graduated with honors, perhaps choosing to be second in his class, perhaps earning the placement.

Wright received commendation for participating in a series of successful diplomatic missions while still in the Academy, serving largely in a functionary position. Upon later review however, it was revealed that while serving as translator for the Ambassador he was assigned to, Wright was actually carrying the discussions for the Ambassador, on multiple occasions. He would use his knowledge of the language and culture to smooth out breaches of protocol in both directions, and knowledge not provided to him about the situation to sway the other party. He expressly requested transfer to hone other skills and knowledge of interest after the third instance of this behavior, his fifth diplomatic assignment.

Since leaving the Academy, Wright has served as an Encryption Specialist, being transferred around Federation space as needed for eight months, stationed on 17 ships and 3 starbases in that time.

He has now been transferred to USS Chuck Norris, to aid in their continued testing of the Defiant Class.