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WYATT!!!!!!! And the new civilization

Posted on Tue Jun 15th, 2021 @ 2:42am by Commander Ech'am G'ginloss

Mission: Onassis Discovery
Location: SB 10 / orinagi 375692
Timeline: Current

It has been a few days now since the klingons wrapped up their celebrations here on the Starbase. Interestingly enough they have cleaned up after themselves. This I an oddity because when they come this Starbase is usually trashed. Leading me to wonder why we are even allies with them. However there are few races who can truly stand up to them so keeping in good standing with them is ideal.

That match between two of the Chuck Norris officers was outstanding, I've never seen such determination to win out of anyone in my many years of serving Starfleet. If that is what it means to battle the klingons, again as said before it is better to be on their side, then against them.

Knock Knock


"Admiral Yoshimeyer, we have a problem with one of the crew aboard the Chuck Norris." Aboris thynmin says as he approaches the desk of the SB leader.

"Let me take a stab at who it is, hmm, Wyatt. I'll put my money on it being Wyatt.' LT Commander John Wyatt.

"That would be correct sir. It appears he has been abducted from the station by the Tholians. They appear to be a race of people who kidnapp people of interest to serve on penal colonies out near romulan territory.

Suddenly a wailing alarm sound goes off in the admirals office alerting those in his office.

Onassis colony sub theta waves detected. Planet found in gamma district. WARNING WARNING!!!!!

"Must send klingon delegates, only known klingon delegates within USS CHUCK NORRIS. Three registered Klingons on the ship. Phase variance detected. Klingons sent must be unique in status and nature among their race. Unknown time of planets existence. Send immediately."

"Computer, why must we send the Chuck Norris, their captain is under investigation for potential war crimes." Yoshimeyer asked

"Captain's war crimes are non existent, you are looking into a theme that does not fit the registered values inputted into the files. Romulan interference detected. Someone within starfleet desires the destruction of the Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is a threat to the Romulan empire."

"Security, this is admiral Yoshimeyer, I need you to release Captain Winters back to his ship. He is to be exonerated and all charges against him are to be dropped."

"Yes sir, we will rele- ahhhhhh." Phaser fire is now heard over the speakers.

"Williams, what are you doing!" Death screams continue to be heard over the speaker.

"Captain Winters, it has been a while. I have finally tracked you down and will claim the bounty on your head. You will come with me or this station will be blown to smithereens along with your precious ship and crew."

"I'll come without a fight, just hope you can get out of here before you are found." Winters replied

"I have taken care of everything. As we speak right now there is a small neurotoxin that will render everyone unconscious right about now"

As he finishes his words Captain Winters falls unconscious as does everyone docked and within the station save for the crew of Williams.


1 hour later

Everyone begins waking up slightly disoriented yet alive.

(Over the loudspeakers)

"Ech'am G'ginloss, please come to Admiral Yoshimeyer office on the double."

A few moments later

"Sir, reporting as ordered." The words flew out of the commanders mouth as soon as he began entering the admirals office. It was not every day that he had an audience with the admiral. Something must be wrong for direct contact like this.

"Relax." He took amount and motioned for the klingon to sir. In which he did.

It is not customary for me to be speaking with the XO of a ship except in certain situations. First I do want to quickly commend you on your recent win in your duel. It makes me glad that the Chuck Norris has such capable fighters. However this is not why I have called you here. I have a mission for you, and troubling news.

A planet known as Onassis has appeared on our sensors. We do not know where this planets has been previously nor why we are finding it now. Only that we must send klingons to investigate, and only those of unique traits. You and your crew are to be sent to investigate this matter. It seems only your crew, or those within your direct command will be able to accomplish this. We do not know why."

"Understood sir. However, you are acting as if I am in full control of the Norris. Captain Winters is still the commander of thie ship. It does not make sence that you are acting like I am the captain of the ship." Ech'am responded.

In that moment the admiral handed a device to Commander G'ginloss.

"Hear are your current orders. You are hearby authorized, until further notice, to take full command of the Chuck Norris. Winters was abducted by a bounty hunter by the name of Williams. We will look into this and rescue him if possible."

"IF POSSIBLE!!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN IF YOU CAN! What is so important about this planet that you have to send us when we should be after our captain."

"Legend tells of a klingon warrior that will bring about the return of Kahless should a planet appear in the gamma quadrant after a great battle between two brothers in which it is fated that the victor will be the younger of the brothers."

"I assure you, on my life, that we will retrieve your captain. He and I go back a ways and I will be dammed if he is lost on my watch. At least allow me the time to know where he is being taken, and who wants him. Give me that much."

All Commander G'ginloss does in nod at this point.

"What of Wyatt, why is he no longer on the station?"

A moment of shock comes across the face if the admiral.

"How did you know he was missing?"

"He was not there to congratulate myself or Awal in our fight in the end."

"He was abducted by an unknown source. The ship we have tracked him to last is a known penal colony transport. We the CO of the Montana searching for your crew mate. It may be a tense time because we last tracked the direction of that ship as heading toward the border of the Romulans. Considering your past history in the short time aboard the Norris, it would be unwise to send you."

"We shall depart withing 12 hours Admiral. Is there anything else I should know?"

"The planet you are headed to, it will be a first contact mission. Take care in how you great them."

The klingon stands, salutes the admiral in which is returned and leaves to prepare the ship for departure. Sending out a message to all crew members, he informed them of there impending departure.

Although prior to leaving the space station, he bids farewell the few klingons still aboard celebrating the glorious battles that took place only hours prior to his mission forcing him to depart and resume working.

Ech'am G'ginloss
Xo/ Chief Engineer
USS Chuck Norris


What will happen now, Wyatt is once again in trouble, enroute to a penal colony, Captain Winters has been abducted, and the Crew is being sent to investigate a first contact situation


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