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Let's Get this Cow in the Barn Before Dark!

Posted on Sun Mar 14th, 2021 @ 6:20am by Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant JG Steven Wright & Lieutenant JG Awal Kronnelti & Lieutenant JG Djon Zyngh

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Hiobos V, Lulara Star System
Timeline: Before "Being held hostage"

With Squeazal covering both His and Djon's "butts" with Four carefully aimed Flare Guns.

Both of Them are Holding their own against the Romulans.

Who slowly beginning to get "idea" that coordinated Defense is next to impossible because their attackers are Putting-up an almost kill each other by "Friendly Fire" "OFFENSE!?!".
Anotherwords "Shit" is coming in from everywhere even occasionally from behind them.

Djon finally Figures "Breaking Radio" Silence shouldn't be a problem now since The Romulans won't have anything to intercept them on. SO...."DJ, to Capt. DJ to Capt. If you read me Have someone Hit the Romulan Ship Bridge Area Hard encase they have some kind of emergency signaling set, to contact the orbiting ship, ASAP!" DJ send on broad-band over his personal com set, hoping Capt. Winters can hear him.

"Awal, Come in. Awal Come in." DJ Signals on open Comm.
" What's Your Sit. Rep. We're Down Left, of Ship, if facing Down Arroyo to Ship's Bridge."
Both him and Squeazal are facing only "Penning" Fire. Occasionally Replying by Spraying with rock shrapnel by Blasting in-front under the covered position the Rommies have using their ship for cover.
"Hopefully the Capt. will be "bombing" The Bridge, to make sure they can't call the Orbiter for re enforcements."

He awaits a hopeful reply from both The Capt. and/or Awal Soon. One way or Another Especially from the Capt.

Hearing DJ Kronnelti starts to answer, "this is Kronnelti.....the transmission dies. Kronnelti had been knocked out by several romulans and been taken hostage.

"Winters to G'ginloss, do you copy?" Winters had tapped his Comm badge and waited for a reply. Trying again all he received was silence. "The Chuck Norris must be out of range." As a fury of shots raced by the Captain he rolled himself away, firing off a few more shots before ducking behind a large rock. "Keep falling back! Move and fire!" He yelled out as he stayed at the tip of the spear of the retreat. Suddenly the bridge of the Romulan ship exploded in a large ball of fire and debris. The explosion was deafening and through the echo of the canyon seem to disorient everyone for a second. "DJ, get some more suppressing fire down there."

"I'm on it!" Lt. Wynonna yelled out, apparently getting caught in the moment. Winters immediately felt dread and looked over. She had taken the high ground and saw she was out of position.

"Lieutenant! Fall back!" He yelled at her.

"I got it!" She pulled up her rifle to her chest and fired off another salvo. Suddenly she disappeared in a firestorm as an explosion enveloped the women. She appeared again as he body landed several feet away from where she had been standing. Aurther could see that the Romulans had resorted to some sort of hand help explosive weapons. Ensign Torrel made her way over to Wynonna, and with a quick scan she turned her head to the Captain and shook it. She was dead. Torrel and one of the Security officers quickly grabbed her body and dragged it back to the Alpha landing zone.

Location: In Orbit aboard the "Sabole ea Toka"

"Ntoa Selepe, Plan A!" Ordered Djon's Cousin Zynned Elock Myra.
Djon, heard a Double Click and High pitched Whine from what looked liked a Ornamental Buckle on His Battle Armour.
Thinking, "OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooHHHHhh! Fucking! Turkey Shit!"
Squeazal heard it too and started digging a tunnel under Djon for protection, as fast as he could.

"I hope everyone on Alpha Team ....." Djon's trailed off into

The Arroyo and 100 metres around Lite-up Brighter than Day, for 14 Zepto Seconds.

When Everyone Gained consciousness including The Romulan and Both Alpha & Beta Team.

"Damn-it I Told Him to wait for my signal." Djon mumbled as he scraped him and Squeazal up and charged down into the Arroyo like a bat out of hell before the damn Rommies became unparalyzed.

Making it just in time to takeout at least the Romulans who were using their side of their ship facing him as cover penning both him and Squeazal. Before the rest of the Romulan Combatants could move.

Back aboard the "Sabole ea Toka"
Zynned Elock Myra, Chuckled,"Boy! There's no pleasing that guy, Ntoa!"
As Zynned received Djon's all-clear. Plus, a repeat send of "Wait".

Coming to several seconds before Cadet Wu, Steven Wright saw Ensign Chip hadn't suffered like the organics. Thinking fast, he ordered "Chip, I assume you know the layout of this ship. We're the closest, clear the Bridge as soon as possible, then reconnect with Bravo, preferably us. Notify me if you need assistance, go now." Turning back to the Medical Cadet just coming to, he helps him up, and asks him to prepare something, while continuing to clear their way from chamber to chamber. Wright carefully listening for sounds from Chip, and planning his and Wu's route to meet Pibb's team where he thought Axelrod would be being held.

Having dealt with 4 officers and a few Romulan crewmen, Ensign Chip was about to leave the bridge when he noticed that there was small dull light pulsing at the station of the first crewman he'd killed. There shouldn't be power, and yet... Chip sprinted off the bridge of the disabled ship, still not having seen the Romulan Captain.

More sporadic phaser rifle went through the ship, often followed by a few yells and comotion. After a few more tense moments the communicators went off through all of Bravo team. "We have the target, egress back to the landing zone. We may have overstayed our welcome." Pibb commanded.
While Bravo team took their time to be slow and steady when they entered the Romulan ship, the same care was not taken as they exited. What was just a matter of a minute flat, all 8 officers and Axelrod were now making their way away from the ship. The team themselves looked a little worse for wear, but Axelrod looked like he had taken on an entire Klingon house by himself and was still alive. Pibb had motioned to have his team hold their fire, as Lt. Collier assisted Axelrod up the hill. Once at the top though, Pibb and a few of the other stopped and began to create a crossfire the sent rest of the Romulans outside running and seeking different places to hide. Now with all the attention on their ridge, Commander Pibb pulled his team back and made their best speed back to the shuttle.

Aurther could let out a small sigh of relief as the crossfire gave his team the last little push they needed to pull out safely. As safe as they could be. The shuttle was a sight to be seen as Alpha team made their way back and inside.

"Where is Ensign Kronnelti?" Winters yelled as they loaded Lt. Wynonna's body, and gently placed it on the floor.

"I don't know sir, he was guarding the shuttle." G'odoss called back. He quickly searched around and found the Comm badge that belong to his brother. A quick look around the area and the Klingon was able to put together that the Ensign was knocked out, and probably taken somewhere. He might still be alive as there was no sign of Klingon blood to be seen in the area. What little time there was to investigate came to an end as more weapons fire erupted around first him, and then the shuttle.

"Move it Lieutenant, back to the shuttle, we'll figure it out. We're not losing anyone else on this mission." The Captain commanded. G'odoss hesitated, but as 3 shots laded inches from him, he made his way back and into the shuttle. As the door were closing, Aurther had already had the engines ready. The door closed just as the shuttle took off and began to make its way back towards orbit. Off to their left, Bravo shuttle was already in the air and ahead of them. The higher up from the ground they got, the weapons fire came to an end. There was multiple sighs, groans the came from the teams as the relief started to set in.
Finally back into the blackness of space, the two shuttles began their docking protocols and they were finally back into the shuttle bay of the Chuck Norris. Aurther had noted that there was damage to the ship and figured that Commander G'ginloss must have ran into something while they were trying to keep out of sight.
There was no time to take in the full situation, Aurther and all able body crew were now making their way back to their respective stations.


The Crew of:

U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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