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All hands

Posted on Sat Mar 13th, 2021 @ 8:26am by Commander Ech'am G'ginloss

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Space, the final frontier
Timeline: Current

"Computer, activate ship wide comms and leave them on through this encounter."

"All hands, report to battle stations. Incoming romulan ships aft and fore. Prepare to engage, using tactics 1-5. I say again tactics 1-5." It was during these times that everyone recognized the voice of their xo, yet in this case once again their acting captain. It was a seat Winters was preparing him for, yet not one he truly felt worthy for just yet. Although with his current track records, it would come at some point. However he still had plenty to learn from the current captain.

He had 3 ships approaching form either side of him, however only two could be seen. Knowing all too well romulan tactics seemed to put him on edge just that much more. Without knowing the location of that third ship put him at the disadvantage.

"Shall we begin tachyon sweeps sir?"

Negative Lt, doing so would compromise more then would be advantageous for us in this moment. They are baiting us to move first. Yet we shall move in a way they shall not see. It is in this that we will gain on them. Set one photon torpedo to dead drop into the orbit with us, and a drift of 3 klilacks towards the aft engine. Then continue this spread every parsec amd map the field. Do this until every one has been set.

"Ummmm, this hasn't been covered by any Manuel I have ever seen." Came the reply from engineering.

Transfer controls to the bridge for a moment and bring yourself here, I will teach you this technique."

Moments later the concerning party arrived to learn, and the procedure was carried out just as the ship rocked from a glancing blow as they laid their final device.

"Helm, thrusters to full, bring us through the field, skimming our torpedoes.

"Yes sir, although won't we set them off?" The nervous pilot asked.

"Not with them being synced to our harmonics they won't." Came the reply from G'ginloss.

"Helm bring us about, heading 231, Mark 56.
Engage enemies full frontal assault."

Moments later the first romulan ship was dispatched and destroyed in the blink of an eye as two more ships decloaked and fired upon the Norris with deadly accuracy, although the shields took the brunt of the shots, the impacts could be felt throughout the ship.

Engage all ships, weapons free.

As the firefight began the Norris dodged and maneuvered in and within the minefield they laid, every so often a thump louder then a sirens call could be heard as the minefield was attaching itself to the romulan ships. The layout of the mine field allowed the Norris to find out that their was a fleet of romulan ships out there. Yet unknown to the Romulans, they were about to have a bad day.

Norris, come to a standstill and allow us to be flanked, prepare maneuver Norris Roundhouse. Set frequency to the torpedoes. Open hailing frequency to the lead romulan ship.

The screen flickered on as the head romulan ships captain appeared.

"I am head commander of this area, Tobias. It would be wise of you to lower your shields and surrender yourself and your crew. Doing so will save your lives where you will live out the remainder of your lives in the penal colony on septius 3. Otherwise prepare to die! Your choice."

"Pleasure to meet you commander. I am Commander G'ginloss of the Chuck Norris. It seems you have not heard of us before as we wiped out the last ships your Tal-shir sent for us and we survived. You may be strong, but are you sure that you wish to surrender to us? Perhaps we will allow you to live out your lives in a labor camp on Durante 2.

"Ha ha ha ha, you arrogant fool of a klingon, to think you can best the rein of Romulans, to prevent us from wiping your kind from the map of existence. Sub-Commander, give the command to the troops."

At this time blips could be seen on the front console, an entire company of ships decloacking to appear surrounding the Norris with ships that easily outclassed the smaller vessel.

"Do you think you can still defeat the odds of 30 to 1? Huh, pathetic bakto. The might of the klingon empire begins to crumble at the might of this army."

"Cut the feed, engage."

Suddenly the ship was there sitting in the middle of all the romulan ship, yet it wasn't at the same time, in fact it was in 10 spots at once. The chaos as the Roundhouse Shockwave hit the enemy, and the concussion blows of the torpedoes caused the romulan war birds to both implode and explode almost simultaneously in such a display of fireworks, and to work with such perfection likely would never happen again.

That is when the inevitable happened, the wreckage of the ships began to form together, to create the beast that had destroyed so many other federation ships.

OOC: What will happen now?

Lt Commander Ech'am G'ginloss
Chief engineer and XO
USS Chuck Norris


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