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Brightest After the Dawn

Posted on Mon Jul 8th, 2024 @ 10:10pm by Captain Mira Rodale & Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance
Edited on on Tue Jul 9th, 2024 @ 12:52am

Mission: Cat in the box
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

{Captain's Quarters, Deck 1}

=/\= "Sorry to interrupt you, Captain," Montgomery apologized over the comm badge, "but I have an urgent communication from Ambassador M’Niras. I wouldn’t have bothered you but the situation on the Romulan base has changed."

Mira, still in her pink pajamas, looked at the ship's chronometer. It was barely 5 AM over there. What was that crazy cat doing up so early?

Half asleep, Mira said, "Ok, I'll take it at Kevin's desk. " she didn't want to wake up Kolar. Detangling herself from the blankets, Kolar and Vaytoc had taken a few moments.

Walked into the next room she activated the screen. "Why, by all that is holy, are you up at this hour. Shouldn't you be resting for tomorrow?" she asked sleepily.

The image of M'Niras beamed happily at her. It was quite a change from the sour expression he had worn the previous morning and it was a bit disconcerting. "I have been informed that the Romulans are reversing their decision to ally with the Gorn," he announced, "I need you over here in full dress uniform as quickly as possible."

"What why and why at this hour of the morning?" she all but winced at the sound of her voice. She would have to wake up security if she was heading back. Let Kevin know. oh, he wasn't going to be happy.

"The situation is unclear," M'Niras relayed with obvious relish, "but the Gorn attacked the Romulans. Apparently their reptile brains couldn't restrain themselves even when everything was going their way!" He flexed his paws like he was preparing to deal a killing blow.

A look of horror crossed Mira's face.
"Oh No that's horrible... I thought they would at least wait until after we left Romulan space. The Gorn can't be trusted. " She shook her head.

"Indeed! And it works to our advantage!" The Ambassador could not contain his glee. "We must strike while the iron is hot. Get dressed and get over here as soon as possible." The connection terminated before Mira could respond.

Mira frowned as she looked at the empty screen. How could he be so happy about this! Granted, it was good the Romulans would be working with them, but.... You shouldn't be so happy about an attack!

Mira wondered how bad of an attack it was. She should have asked, taping her commbadge. "Rodale to Montgomery looks like I am going back over have my security guard, Zimia, Kevin and Kronnelti notified."

"Did he said full dress uniform? at 5 am" Jeez! Mira snuck back into her room, grabbed her normal dress uniform, and dressed in Kevin's room . Her hair was pulled back in a low ponytail. Walking out of the room, Mira was happy to see Zimia with a cup of Raktajino in her hands. "Kevin is not going to be happy that you're going over! You are not even cleared from medical. " Zimia told her.

Mira took the mug and nodded as she slipped. Jackson stepped on the transporter pad with her. "2 to beam over," Mira said before she felt the transporter energize.

Kevin was waiting in the transporter room on the Romulan base station. He, too, was in full dress uniform, the one with the more comfortable pants. He was immaculate as usual, hair freshly washed, beard neatly trimmed, uniform pressed and boots highly shined but Mira though she detected a weary look in his eyes. Perhaps it was merely the early hour.

"Welcome back Captain," Kevin greeted in a neutral tone, "I trust you are recovered from yesterday's incident."

Mira sighed. "I haven't gotten cleared to return to duty, but M'Niras demanded." she moved closer." You ok? you look tired. " She was I little worried he had been pulling double duties again.

"Ehhh...well enough," he replied as he fell into step with her as they followed the Centurion to the Federation diplomatic enclave, "I was so worried about you that I didn't sleep very well last night."

"Any idea what is going on?" Mira asked in a lowered voice.

Kevin tilted his head closer to Mira as they walked, "Not much. I got the message from Montgomery that you were coming over in full dress but he didn't know why. I checked with Crus and he told me that the Triumvirate has called an emergency meeting with Ambassadors M'Niras and Klarr. I can't think that they would do so just to tell them that the alliance is proceeding."

The walk to the enclave was short and there wasn't time for more questions. Mira entered the Ambassador's lounge followed by Kevin and Ensign Jackson. M'Niras approached with a smile on his features and a mug of Raktajino in his paw. He handed the mug to Mira and greeted her, "Daughter! I am so happy that you are enough recovered to be present at this historic event!"

Historical? Daughter? Well, she didn't like that name at all. It was worse than the 'princess' he used to call her. She hated being called that. It was like he was putting her down almost like he was calling her orphan. Mira just raised an eyebrow at his high spirits. She reluctantly took the mug with a "Thank you". Had it been scanned first? Was it safe?

"Well, I don't have medical clearance to be here. As you always say, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask permission. " She smirked.

Kevin held his ever present PADD over the mug and reviewed the results. "Nothing dangerous in it," he confirmed but amending his statement, "Nothing dangerous other than the Raktajino itself."

M'Niras let out a loud screeching laugh, "I shalt let your sour moods spoil this glorious moment!"

Mira took a sip of the Raktajino and gave the Caitian a chance to compose himself, "Alright, M'Niras. What's going on? Why do you have us here at this unreasonable hour?"

"Nauarchus Saeihr was attacked by a Gorn last night," M'Niras explained, "That was enough to get Ambassador Vovutho to seriously reconsider our offer. That all but assures that they will join us and the Klingons once the Triumvirate is whole again."

"Is the Nauarchus okay?" Kevin asked in an urgent and solicitous tone that caused Mira to give him a sidelong glance.

"No," M'Niras replied with little verbal indication of any concern, "I am told that she died from the wounds inflicted to her."

Kevin face did not betray the feelings of guilt that raged within him.

"Nauarchus Saeihr was the one attacked? That's horrible...." Mira shook her head. The woman had seemed nice for a Romulan if a bit forward. Mira hadn't wished her dead over their misunderstand. "So what do we do now? You know once the Gorn get turned down they will attack."

"It will be tantamount to suicide if they do," M"Niras acknowledged, "but attacking under a flag of truce indicates that they aren't as civilized as they would have us believe. That is why I wanted you here with your security detail. We may have to fight our way out." He flexed his paw to expose his claws.

Mira's worried eyes meet Kevin's then back to M'Niras, "You could have told me I needed a full team! I only brought the one security officer I had before." Mira looked back up at Kevin."Where is Kronnelti?"

"He told me that he was going back to the ship to ready K'ner and her Hazard Team," Kevin said, "I asked him why and he only she that he had a feeling they would be needed."


Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance
Executive Officer
USS Chuck Norris


Captain Mira Rodale
CO USS Chuck Norris


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