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Posted on Sat Jan 20th, 2024 @ 5:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance

Personal Log: Kevin Lance

The Norris and Avenger are enroute to Deep Space Nine. We were successful in prevent the destruction of the Avenger and her crew and prevented the knowledge of that ship’s presence in our timeline from becoming known to the Cardassians. We were much less successful in providing aid to the displaced Romulans and although their destruction as the hands of their own weapon seems to have been a foregone conclusion, it stills gnaws at me that there was more we could have done to save them as well.

There is no little debate as to what is to be done with Avenger and her crew. The Captain favors assimilating them into our time while Commander Rodale is hatching a plot, worthy of the Great Captain Kirk, to somehow warp them back to the 22nd Century. My own research as discovered no mention of the Avenger after it disappearance in 2158. I believe that returning them to that year would be sending them to a certain death or create a paradox that would alter the current timeline. Best leave it to the Department of Temporal Investigations. As Captain Jaxx would have said, “It way above your pay grade”.

I feel that I am at a crossroads, not certain that I am a good fit for this ship and crew. I have performed my duties in a manner high satisfactory to both the Captain and Commander Rodale, yet I seem to lack the sanguineous nature of most of the crew. Kronnelti is Klingon and I guess it is just part of his upbringing. Doctor K’ner is such an odd mix of healer and executioner that I can’t really figure her out.

Commander Rodale, however, it my greatest concern. Mira’s decisive action to destroy the crippled Romulan ship was so arbitrary and merciless that she reminds me of Captain Ellis. I never knew what had sent Ellis on her path and I fear that it may be too late for Mira. I shouldn’t care about a senior officer’s behavior or mindset. Certainly I don’t have such strong feelings about Captain Intermezzo. But I have a deep feeling that she is set on a course of self-destruction and the urgency to save her from such a fate is overwhelming.

I can only speculate what the Star Fleet Shrinks was say about all of this.

I need to get away and clear my head. I have plenty of leave time saved up that I can afford to take several days away from the ship. Maybe the Gamma Quadrant would be far enough away to gain some perspective.

End Log


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