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Work work work

Posted on Sun Jan 21st, 2024 @ 5:50am by Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti

After just leaving his home planet Qu'noS he had sent Mira a message.

While using the padd he couldn't help but see what is being done with security while stationed at ds9, he reads some stuff that was recorded and needed signatures so he did all that.

Just as he puts the padd down he realized he's working and not taking the time to relax. He just can't stop working as it's second nature to him.

I've got 72 hours before I arrive at Mira's home he said to himself work keeps me busy on long journeys he thinks.

He picks it back up and reads more on the maintenance of the avenger.

He replies to the security team " help the crew on the avenger with any repairs and help their security staff get their systems back online" then he signs it and sends it off.

Ok I've got a few more files to look at then I'll be done as it takes 30 minutes to go through everything.

He sets it back down and looks at hungry buddy? Spike growled so he got him a nice tbone steak from the replicator.

Time to sit back and let auto pilot take us to Mira he said.


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