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On Approach to the Rolor Nebula

Posted on Wed Jan 3rd, 2024 @ 3:33pm by Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance

Personal Log: Kevin Lance

We are enroute to the Rolor nebula to investigate the discovery of debris from the USS Avenger, a ship that disappeared without a trace nearly two and a quarter centuries ago. It is almost inconceivable the courage and fortitude of those early explorers, braving the unknown without the advantages of the technology and communications that we have today.

Shore leave on Earth was….interesting. I attended a traditional Norwegian Juele festival in Greenland not expecting that then Lieutenant Commander Rodale and Lieutenant Kronnelti would be in attendance.

Mira was different, more relaxed than she usually is on a mission. I had heard that she played as hard as works and it is true. Amongst friends she let a softer side of her personality show through. What was less certain is why she didn’t return the advances of her friend and instead spent so much with me. I would like to think that she wanted to be with me but from certain other events it is pretty clear that I was a convenient beard. Had Kronnelti arrived earlier, I am sure she would have select him as her protector.

The departure of Lieutenant Commander G'ginloss leaves open the second officer position. As the next senior command officer, I am third in the chain of command but second officers are often from operations branch. Given the close relationship of Kronnelti to both the Captain and Executive Officer, it would not be a surprise if he is temporarily appointed to the position.

I don’t understand Star Fleet’s infatuation with including Klingons in the ranks. The race’s brutal approach and attitude of might makes right puts them at odds with the Federation values of benevolence and egalitarianism. Perhaps Admiral Picard is right. Maybe the Federation is losing its way.

Kronnelti doesn’t seem to be a bad sort and I am trying to keep my prejudice against Klingons from tainting my view of him as a Star Fleet Officer. At times he seems like a bannerman for his race, wrapped up in that warped sense of honor and superiority that is emblematic of Klingons. At other times, I see compassion and kindness.

The Captain has not yet given a go ahead on my proposal for the search plan and we will be arriving at the Rolor Nebula in under an hour.

End Log


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