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Funny how things work out

Posted on Thu Sep 14th, 2023 @ 10:07pm by Lieutenant Commander Mira Rodale

{USS Chuck Norris}

Going over the whole ship in one shift never would have been possible unless it was a Defient class. Mira grinned small but mighty.

She had been offered a few options as to what to do with her life when she came back to starfleet. Everyone had been wonderful, really.

It had been her own insecurities that had her taking a step down from her last position as XO of huge base and responsible for thousands of lives. Just the idea of being around that many people she didn't think she could handle it.

After all, it had just been Vaytoc and her for four years. As it was, she knew she should be more open and outgoing, but if it wasn't for Chin and Rodriguez, she would still be locking herself in her room when she wasn't working. She could see the old her making itself known more and more everyday. She was growing in confidence.

Her padd beeped, letting her know she had a message from Kronnelti

It read.
[The Romulan you tracked down was a wanted fugitive for a murder and now attempted murder. Star fleet wants me promoted, but I think you should as you and Vaytoc tracked this man down, says Kronnelti.]

Shaking her head, Mira wasn't sure how to answer that. She had only aided him on his duties. It might have taken him longer, but she had very conferences, he would have found the Romulan. Besides doing one thing didn't get you promoted it was the hard work he had been putting in. So if he did get promoted it was all him not anything she had done.

She had deliberately not made it to meeting with the admiral because she was trying not to draw attention to herself. Her brother already wanted her dead. He would be furious to find out she had a hand in getting his partner caught.

But not going had still landed her in trouble with an attempt on her own life. Odd how things worked out.

Just a few more hours and she would be back on DS9 to have dinner with friends.

Lt Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


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