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Posted on Fri Sep 15th, 2023 @ 8:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Mira Rodale



Beaming over, Mira smiled to the transporter crewmen and then moved to walk off the transporter.

"Ah, Lt.Commander, could you please wait? A security officer will be here in a moment."

Mira frowned. "Am I under arrest?"

The man looked shocked, "No ma'am its....."

Mira waved a hand, calling Vaytoc to follow without saying a word to him. " Then no have the guard meet me at Quark's. I know the way."

{Quark's Bar}

Walking in, Mira smiled. She heard them long before she saw the crew of the IKV Harbinger. There were 12 Klingons. 2 women and 10 males, Mira knew all of them. Nay'tor, one of the women, yelled out a greeting and then dragged her back to the table.
The table was full of food and drinks they even had a bowl of gagh for Vaytoc. Mira was pulled in for hugs by all. She felt welcomed. By all that was holy, she missed this crew.
Gor handed her chech'tluth "here you will need this to catch up to us."

Holding the mug with steam coming out the top, she smiled as she sat down amongst friends it was a wonderful feeling .

Garahl started to fill her plate with Krada, gagh, and so many other foods. Mira had no hope of finishing it. She laughed, holding her hand over the plate in hopes he would stop.

Nay'tor laughed at her. "Eat sister, you are nothing but skin and bones."

Covering her face with her hand, Mira blushed. But Garahl pulled her hand away and shoved a Krada leg in her mouth.

The talk was lively as everyone filled her in on their lives and their victories. As it always was with Klingons. To much drink was consumed, Mira's head was spinning, or was it the room. At this point, it didn't matter.

Garahl finally said, "Your brother is very cunning."

Mira frowned at the sudden change in subject. " I don't have a brother anymore, at least that it what he is telling everyone."

Gor nodded "Good then we don't have to hold back with our vengeance. Have you done research into the attacks 20 years ago?"

Mira nodded, "Reports aren't very good from that time. Why?"

Garahl gave her a grin, "Lox was there. In a different host, but he was there as he was this time with the Zaj."

Rubbing the back of her neck, Mira Frowned. "Do you know why he was there or anything else?"

It was Gor that shrugged. "The reports have him as an ambassador. He has had lifetimes to perfect his plans."

Mira nodded her understanding. " But as a starfleet officer, I need proof."

Garahl growled. "As klingon officers, we have all the proof we need."

Holding her hand up to stop him, she added, "I understand rules are different for you. But he must stand trial even if it's a klingon one. if they make a ruling then be it. Whatever that ruling is."

Garahl nodded, "As head of the house, I will see to it."

Mira nodded. "Thank you. it has been wonderful to see you all, but I need to get back to the ship. " As she stood, she felt very unstable. She hadn't drank this heavily in a long time, and it was caching up to her. Perhaps it was a good thing she had a security officer escorting her.

Taking ahold of Vaytoc's collar, she let him pull her to the transporter room. The guard smirked. "Need some help?"

"Oh yeah, I should not have had that last bloodwine. " or four or five she thought to herself. " You know the secret to being able to drink a lot?"

the man said "No"

"You never mix your drinks," Mira whispered loudly.
The security guard laughed, " But you did mix drinks."

Mira groaned. "That's my fault." All she had to do was get to her bunk now.

{Personal quarters }

She had made it to her bunk and fell into it boots and all. "Remind me next time not to try to keep up with Garahl." clearly he had gotten better at holding his liquor. There had been a time that only a few people she knew could drink more then she could. Now she would be paying for it.

Vaytoc just purred it was the last thing she heard before falling asleep.

Lt.Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


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