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down time

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2023 @ 5:45pm by Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti

As i returned to the Chuck Norris I received a ping on my tabb.

Kronnelti makes his way back to his room, sat down at this desk and pulled out the tabb, kronnelti opens it up and its from star fleet.

(star fleet) "Thank you Lt Awol Kronnelti for capturing a wanted Romulan in connection to murdering ------ Kronnelti noticed the name blanked out, and the attempted murder of Xo ------ again another name blanked out.

Kronnelti couldn't believe it as he continues reading

We here at star fleet are letting your capt & admiral there for a promotion.

Kronnelti couldn't believe what he is reading. he thinks if anybody should get a promotion is Commander Rodale he thinks.

I should send her a quick message before she returns

"Kronnelti then sends Rodale a message."

The Romulan you tracked down was a wanted fugitive for a murder and now attempted murder. Star fleet want me promoted but I think you should as you and Vaytoc tracked this man down says Kronnelti.

he then gets up and goes to the replicator, Bloodwine warm.

the replicator beeps then the drink appears. He then grabs it and goes sits down on his bed.

Sipping the drink he wonders what awaits him in the future.


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