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Who let the cat out?

Posted on Tue May 28th, 2024 @ 11:53pm by Captain Mira Rodale
Edited on on Sun Jun 2nd, 2024 @ 12:42am

Mission: Cat in the box
Location: Starbase 364, USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Present

{Docking bay, SB364 }

As Mira walked to the ship, there seemed to be more than a few people wanting her attention.

“Lady Rasmehlier, your cloaking device has been tampered with when we tried to set it right. We were attacked by the federation crew.”

Mira frowned, then slipped Kolar off her back and put the backpack with Kolar in it on Zimia’s back. Then she asked her to take Kolar in the ship. Turning back to the large Klingon group she raised an eyebrow in question.

“What are you talking about, the cloaking device has been tampered with?” Mira put her hands on her hips as she asked the question, a little confused.

The Klingons looked pleased. Lady Rasmehlier wanted more information. “That Federation engineer has tampered with it. It will no longer work at top proficiently.“

Mira nodded, slowly remembering reading in a report that the device, as it was, would be damaging to the crew if used as is. That made the whole thing useless. “it wasn’t designed for my ship, and as it is now, the ship and device are incompatible. Thank you for letting me know, but that wasn’t on my list of repairs.”

“But My Lady...” He started
Mira held up a hand. “Further more, If you are ever on my ship again and asked to leave or told no about something, then you are to comply. Remember, I want each and every one of you to leave when asked and do not argue about it. Do not insult me again by fighting on my ship or with my crew.” She turned to see Samuel bring a chair to the ship and she used that as an excuse to leave the Klingons.

“Oh, good. Captain, do you want us to instill your new chair. Or will have your crew do so, since we have all been asked to leave the ship without completing most of the repairs.”

Mira’s mind went to why were they all asked to leave before the repairs had been completed. Then his first comment registered, “My new chair? What was wrong with the old one?”

Samuel frowned. “ Well, ma’am it is customary for the captain’s chair to fit the captain.” He waved to the chair.

Ah, Mira nodded, then frowned at the chair. “Ensign you are what 6’2?” she asked the secretary officer standing on guard of the ship.

He nodded at her.
“Please take a seat in this chair.” Mira asked.

“Sorry ma’am, but I wouldn’t be able to sit in the chair. My hips wouldn’t fit” the security officer told her, trying not to laugh.

“That’s what I thought. This chair isn’t going to work at all. I am not the only one who sits in it. There are a few other officers, and their all about his size. The chair will not need to be changed. Thank you.”

{USS Chuck Norris}

Mira frowned as people rushed around. “Why are our last two shuttles being removed from the ship? “

One of the crew stopped “The Lt. Commander Lance was making more room for the meeting Captain.”

Mira frowned they were down to two shuttles. There shouldn’t be a need to move anything but push them back in the shuttle storage area where they were kept in the first place. Mira shook her head. Making her way to her quarters. Walking in, she smiled. There was much more room. Good, then she checked her bedroom. It looked Good. They didn’t get time to put in the crib. But Kolar wouldn’t stay in the one the they had in their quarters so why bother to have one here? She quickly changed into her uniform to meet the crew.

{Shuttle bay, USS Chuck Norris }

Standing on one of the cat walks Mira smiled down at the crew “Good afternoon. This meeting is going to be short and hopefully answer any questions any of you might have. “We have been asked to take Ambassador M’Niras to Romulus, as some of you might have heard. The reason is to negotiate a Treaty with them against the Gorn. “ she shrugged.

“The Gorn have been attacking ships, bases, and planets. The reason for this meeting is to make sure that ALL of you start a training program. I want to make sure that each and everyone of you can fight. As the next few weeks go by, I want those of you that are trained to help train those that don’t have training in melee combat. I also want no misunderstanding with the Romulans. Everyone, including myself, will be on their best behavior. Is that understood? Does anyone have any questions? Now is the time to ask.

Mira nodded "Ok then on to the next topic. As captain I need to be informed of everything that happens on this ship and preferably before base command comes to talk to me. Officially, I am appalled by the fight that took place on my ship with the Klingon. Unofficially, I am appalled by the way some of my crew punches. K'ner, make sure your team reviews that video log and get those people some extra training. Back to work we are on a deadline to leave. " with that said Mira flipped over the cat walk railing and slid down the poll. She took the PADD from Montgomery. then tapped it. " Ok, I'll handle 8, 12 and 20 on the list." She smiled and walked off.

Captain Mira Rodale
CO USS Chuck Norris


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