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Engineering Calibration

Posted on Sat Aug 8th, 2020 @ 4:27pm by Commander Ech'am G'ginloss

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Chuck Norris Engineering
Timeline: Current

"Computer recording events for calibration efforts"

After being dismissed from speaking with the First Officer the new Chief of Engineering headed down to his dept to meet with anyone that would be there. He found four people to be looking at various systems and areas when he got down there. All buay in their work. Enough so, that he entered without being noticed.

°At least they may be hard workers. Yet their effectiveness is yet to be determined.° Stepping over to one of the consoles he began to look at the in depth schematics. The ones you could only access on the ship itself. As the computer showed him, and accepted his credentials he studied and increased his knowledge of his new post.

"Gentlemen, before we begin with a calibration of all systems, run a level 3 diagnostic of all systems in thos department." Hearing someone speak snapped them out of their daydream work. All four of them stared at the Chief for just a moment before registering that this was most likely to person they heard about. After the initial shock wore of affirmative responses were heard.

Several hours later the reports came in on the diagnostic.

"Sir, along with the calibration the dilithium reserves are all but burnt out, the warp core calibration is also off, and the antimatter/matter containment field needs some work." Carl said as he reported some of the findings.

Heather piped up, "Sir? Sir? The warp bubble we produce is being reported as lacking, its integrity should we resume using it in it's current condition will cause a leak that could cause unknown issues." Her voice was soft, yet knowledgeable with a hint of fear.

Rob spoke up next, "Sir, the warp regulators are on the fritz again. With all this ship has been through they won't last much longer."

"The impulse engines are no longer working at full capacity Sir, they require fine tuning to get back to starfleet requirements." Abigail reported.

"Each of you will work on the items you have brought to my attention, I will work with you on each of these items and we will get this ship running better then when it first came out of production. Rest and eat as neccessary. Until this ship is back to accepted parameters no one has time to relax. We have a good week to use this starbase for items we may need. Show me what you can do and your position will be safe. Slack and I will have you replaced faster then you can properly say nuqDaq jIH? You have 72 hours to get me progress reports.

Lt. Ech'am G'ginloss
Chief Engineering officer


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