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A Man Walks Out Of A Bar

Posted on Sat Aug 8th, 2020 @ 12:11pm by Lieutenant Tessa Riley

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Starbase 10
Timeline: Present


{Ferengi Bar “The Lucky Lobe”}

“So you’re telling me Captain vonMcCormick, the Commanding Officer of the Chuck Norris, is really a member of Species 8472?” The words sounded just as preposterous to Josh when he said them out loud.

The Ferengi bartender leaned in closer to the young Ensign, “Lower your voice, he has spies everywhere...” the Ferengi looked around at the crowd of people currently enjoying a drink in his bar. “Why do you think you’ve never met him? He avoids interaction with others at all cost. And do you know why?”

Josh leaned in closer, trying to hear the Ferengi’s lowered volume, “No, why?”

“It’s because his disguise is failing.” the bartender nodded. “Pieces of him are reverting back and he can’t stop it.”

Josh leaned back, disbelief evident on his face, “That’s the big secret that I paid you two strips of Latinum for?! I don’t believe a single word you’ve told me.”

The Ferengi appeared genuinely insulted by the Ensign’s words, “Young man, I am a Ferengi, and as a Ferengi I am bound by the Rules of Acquisition.” he stood straight and started to loudly recite; “‘Rule number 7: Keep your ears open.’ I hear whispers and pass those whispers on for a profit. I’m good at it.”

Josh grabbed the glass of Tellarite Fizz he’d ordered, and finished it in one big gulp. Without saying anything he got to his feet, shook his head disapproving towards the Ferengi and walked out of the bar. Damn Ferengi will try anything to fool you if they think there’s a profit in it.

And yet... the idea that Captain vonMcCormick was a member of species 8572 had somehow stuck with with Josh, at least subliminally. Why else would the Captain be so evasive? Could it have something to do with the missing crew members from the Chuck’s senior staff? His head hurt from the confusion! Maybe it was time to go for a lie down in his quarters.


Ensign Joshua ‘Josh’ Anderson
Assist Chief Operations Officer
USS Chuck Norris, NCC-4005


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