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The relaxing part

Posted on Sun Feb 4th, 2024 @ 3:45am by Commander Mira Rodale

Mission: Guilty Pleasures
Location: Risa
Timeline: Present


Rico laughed. Vaytoc was acting all weird and snobby. “Ok, what’s up with the cat? You took care of him first, so what has his knickers in a bunch?”

Mira looked over her shoulder at him. “He is hurt you didn’t get him a flower lei too.” She gave a little shrug.

Rico laughed, thinking she was joking until she raised an eyebrow at him. His eyes went to Vaytoc. “Sorry buddy, I got Mira one because, well, I didn’t want other men kissing her. I’ll get you one once we get to the top, ok?”

Vaytoc looked like he was thinking it over and then actually gave him a nod. Rico’s eyes went to Mira. “He knows what people say?”

She nodded. “And feel. Say if a guy came up to me plan to hurt me, then Vaytoc would know.”

Mira ran her fingers through Vaytoc’s fur, making Rico a little bit jealous.

Stretching, Mira smiled. “We better get going. I can’t wait to get in one of the steam pools.“
His first thought was to say if you stayed, you could go every day, but then she would frown. Seemed Starfleet was a lifestyle for her, not just a job.

“Then let’s get going.” He gave her a smile.

Finally, at the top, Mira dropped her pack on the bench and slipped out of her shorts, tossing them in her pack. Under the outdoor shower, she turned it on. Rinsing off, then dropped into one of the deep pools. When she came back to the surface, he asked, “Did you make reservations for the bungalows?” Wondering if he should do that or join her.

Mira nodded, sliding onto one of many stone carved seats on the sides of the pools. “I was able to get 3 # 13,14, and 15. I get dibs on the 14’s back porch bed. I want to sleep outdoors.”

Rico laughed. She always picked that spot. “Sounds about right.” He dropped his pack next to hers, rinsed off, then joined her, letting the hot water work on his muscles.

“Ok, we made it up the mountain. We are in the steam pools. What is next on you must things to do?”

Mira opened one eye. “For today? A Luau and fire dancers.”

That brought a smile to his face. “My kind of night. “

Vaytoc huffed as he watched the pool. Still nothing!

A woman who worked there came over. “Oh my, is he yours?” She eyed Vaytoc as she asked Mira.
Laughing, Mira said “well that depends who you ask. If you ask him? Then he would feel I belong to him, I believe he is my companion and friend.” Vaytoc purred.

“He is beautiful. Can I pet him?” the waitress asked.
Mira smiled. “Well he hasn’t got a proper welcome. If you give him the flowers, he would be happy to be petted. “

The waitress bent down and placed a lei over his head. Vaytoc purred as he got petted. “Well, welcome, you are beautiful.”

She looked over at Mira. “Can I get you some drinks?”
Mira smiled. “Something fruity would be awesome and a bowl of water. We are in Bungalow #14. “ she told her.

Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


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