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An actual mini vacation

Posted on Mon Feb 5th, 2024 @ 6:19am by Commander Mira Rodale & Lieutenant Awal Kronnelti

Mission: Guilty Pleasures
Location: Risa beach
Timeline: current

{USS Chuck Norris}

Kronnelti left the room and went to his room to pack his bags and change out of his uniform.

Wearing swim trunks and no shirt he plans on running a course, he then goes to the replicator and asks for a music player & wireless headphones, lets go spike we're going down to the beach he said as Spike jumped for joy. Yes, spike, you will get to play with Vay'toc as well, he told him

Eventually, they got to the platform and energized down.


Once they appeared on the beach, Kronnelti put on the headphones and started playing music. He had a taste in metal.

Spike picked up the sent of Vaytoc and Mira, so he took off running.

As he saw Spike run away, he figured he'd run too, so he started running, making a route he will take.

"Why can't I take Kitty? Mira took Vaytoc, and I am sure Lt. Kronnelti is taking Spike, " Zimia told Rodriguez and Chin.

Rodriguez sighed. "For the last time They are spending their vacation with their pets. You told us you wanted to go to the parks and dance clubs with us. They don't let's pets into them." Chin nodded.

Just as they finished talking, Spike ran up and jumped, thinking Zimia would catch him like Mira does, but she ended up landing on the ground with him. "Spike! are you looking for Vaytoc ?"

She asked as she petted him. "Mira and Vaytoc went up the mountain."

Chin nodded. "She has a few bungalows up there. Seems there is going to be a .....Luau and fire dancers."

Rodriguez frowned. "When did she say there was a huge party with food and fire dancers? I would have gone for that."

Zimia rolled her eyes. "You didn't want to do the fifteen mile hike up in the mountain."

Zimia pointed up into the mountains. "Mira said it would be good and healthy for us."

"Oh yeah, I heard the healthy part and the fifteen mile hike." Rodriguez agreed.

"You going to see her?" Chin asked.

Seeing where Spike went Kronnelti kept running at a pace and eventually passing Zimia. As he waved he saw a hill near by that led up the mountain.

Seeing where Spike went, Kronnelti kept running at a pace and eventually passing Zimia. As he waved, he saw a hill nearby that led up the mountain.

Running up the hill, it boasted a challenge for him as he had to pass terrain that slowed him down.

Spike ran after Kronnelti.

Mira laughed as Spike jumped over a rock and pounced on Vaytoc.
Rico looked surprised. "What the...." He hadn't seen a cat like that on Risa before.

"That would be Spike, and that would mean My brother is close by," Mira told him to put his at ease.

Just a few minutes later, Kronnelti hurtled the same rock and stopped to take a breather. He took out a water pack and slowly drank it when he heard Mira's voice. He looked up and saw her in the spring with Rico....Kronnelti cocked his head and then took off this headphones

Didn't think I'd run into you here, Kronnelti said as he is trying to slow his breathing.

Mira smiled. "I made that run a little while ago. The showers are over there, and the pools are amazing at easing the muscles. Dinner smells like it should be ready soon unless you have reservations in some place else. plus I rented 3 bungalows. "

she wanted him to know he was welcome. "Oh, and this is Rico. I used to work with him in security on Risa years ago. Rico, this is my brother. Rico stood up to shake his hand. "Good to meet you. Do you like sperlunking? We are getting a small group together to see the glowing plants. I am not sure what she likes more, the sperlunking or finding what's down there."

"Both! it's like a whole different world down there." Mira told them.

Kronnelti nods and walks over to the showers with his bag on his back, a short time later he comes back and slips in the pool. The look on his face says it all paradise.

As for reservations I didn't know you needed any but I would love to join you both and I'm down to snag a bungalow for me and Spike he said.

What time does the event start he asked
"If I know where I am going, I will make reservations so I can stay in the area I want. As XO, I will take more rooms than needed to make sure the crew gets some place to stay."

Rico laughed. "There are 1000s of rooms available in the main hotel, along with the beach huts on the water, but when you get up in the mountains or in the smaller areas, then you run the risk of them filling up. Huts along the beach fill up fast. Food is a huge buffet with a roasted pig. Once it is all out, they start playing the drums." he looked over at Mira."Do you still remember the dances?"

"Oh, by all that is holy. I hated getting put on that duty." She grinned."I did it so often. I now have trouble not moving my hips to any beat playing in music because of it."

"she was really good at the dances but not with the fire." Rico told Kronnelti. "She set a building on fire."

Mira nodded it was true. "It was my first and last time having to fill in for one of them. Playing with fire while remembering all the moves is harder than you think. I could have done the fire swords, but they were for the guys only." Mira rolled her eyes.

Just about that times the drums started. "meal time." Mira smiled as she climbed out of the pool and reached for her sarong. Then wrapped it around her, and tied it at her neck. "We probably should have dumped our bags in our huts before.

Rico took her backpack "Yeah but keeping you out of the water was impossible. #13 and #15 Are available Mira has dibs on the pouch bed room on #14. It hanging off the cliff." he grinned "Ok I will take our bags there and meet you in line." He kissed her forehead and left

Kronnelti eventually got out and dried off. He followed his sister up to the seats and took the one closest to Mira's.

Thinking about the dancing, he told her that he would like to try it as it would be interesting to see a klingon fire dance.

Mira nodded " The male fire dance with a blade is like Mok'bara but more.... stomping. After the show they do teach people how to do it but normally they don't add the fire because by then most people are drunk. " she laughed " and no I was not drunk when I set the building on fire. I was to busy concentrating on my feet movment. I didn't think I was that close to ....flammable material. I was not even 18 yet." Mira put the glasses on the plates they were sitting at to let other know the spots were taken."Let's get the food" she smiled.

She held out her plate "I need 2 of the back legs" The guy looked her up and down like there was no way she could eat that much. "It not for me." she pointed down to the cats

He hacked off both back legs and Kronnelti handed them over to the cats "Go take that back to the table." Vaytoc purred as he carried his food off and both cats found spots under the table.

Mira had a large amount of pork on her plate before she started to fill it with fruits. Rico came up behind her and laughed "What no veggies?"
Mira smiled "This is my plate you go fill your own."

Kronnelti laughed when Mira said go get your own plate, he was stunned to see how much food there was, he asked for the boars head and some pork belly. He grabbed some veggies and fruit.

Mira looked at him and said "really the damn head? Nobody eats the head.." Kronnelti looked at her and said well I'll be the first as he points out all the cheek meat.

He then tells Mira that he's heading back to the table as he gives a slight shoulder nudge.

Mira was happy with her plate until she saw Rico had found Oskoid " Hey where was that?"
Rico waved a leaf at her "This ? I have my ways." he laughed as Mira got up to go look for some. He grabbed her hand."I ordered it just for you. "

Mira smiled as she took the bowl. "Thank you." She loved Oskoid. "This food is so good. " Mira checked on the cats they seemed happy and had water as well.

Mira took a sip of her drink. "I remember how how much I had to work out to keep slim while living here."

Rico laughed "I remember, not that you needed it. I also remember times I used you as my weights."

Mira almost choked on her food. She nodded her head. " True"

It was getting dark and the torches were getting lit. The music started. A woman stepped out and had a chain with two balls of fire at the ends of the chains. She started dancing and swinging the chain, making the fire spin in the air. It was so spellbinding Mira forgot to eat.

The next set was 4 men spinning swords lit on fire. They were amazing.

as the men started dancing with their swords lit on fire kronnelti studied their movements with both swords and their movement of their feet.

once all the dancing was done everybody cheered and applauded, eventually the dancers invited those who wanted to try and dance to come up. Mira stayed sitting but her brother got up and wanted to try.

He told the men he wanted to fire dance with the swords and that he was confident with himself.

Rico asked Mira if her brother was bat shit crazy or well crazy, she laughed and said yes to both.

The men lit the swords on fire and had the music start up, Kronnelti started moving to the beat of the drums. His body was moving in sync as he started twirling the swords in a seductive motion his body dripping in sweat as every movement the blade came close but not touching him.

At the next few tables a few women no younger than 25 started getting exited as they have never seen a Klingon move like that, once the drum hit its last beat Kronnelti made a back flip landing perfectly while having the swords spin in mid air before being caught perfectly.

Mira clapped and cheered he had done amazingly well.
Rico clapped "So this Mok'bara? How good are you at it?"

Mira shrugged " I started 8 years ago. It's how I start my day."

"when?" He asked her

"Well they isn't a sun rise in space but it would be at that time."

"so you don't do your yoga any more. Darn that was" Rico told her with a smirk.

Mira smiles "Perhaps you should watch me doing the Mok'bara? Then you can tell me what you think?"


Lt Awal Kronnelti
Chief of security/tactical


Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


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