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Situation Reports

Posted on Sat Feb 3rd, 2024 @ 4:45am by Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance & Commander Mira Rodale

Mission: Guilty Pleasures
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

{Officer’s Quarters, Deck 1}

Kevin stopped outside of Mira’s quarters and tugged at the collar of his uniform with the new third pip. He still didn’t feel ready to talk to her about their situation but this was an official call to discuss the ship’s status and reports from the different departments. It did little to settle the butterflies in his stomach. After a moment’s hesitation, he pushed the door chime.

Mira raised an eyebrow as she walked around corner "I am not in there and It's not locked I never lock it"

She saw Kevin stiffened at her voice coming up behind him. "I hope you haven't been waiting long. Have you moved into your new quarters? They really aren't any bigger then any of the other quarters but at least it's only for one."

She sipped her second cup of tea and raised an eyebrow for him to answer.

"No. To be honest I had forgotten that the second officer rates private quarters," Kevin admitted. He held out the PADD he had in his hand, "Department reports."

"Ah, yes." She took the PADD feeling he didn't really want to be here, so to put him at ease, she added. "Anything needing my attention? If not, you can drop them off with Rodriguez, Chin, or Zimia. They normally run around making sure things get signed and transferred to where they need to go." She wondered the best way to put him at ease. Chit-chat or just say see ya around? "Have you made your plans for Risa?"

"I was hoping to discuss some of the crew with you. As for shore leave, I made plans with to visit an archeological site with Lieutenant Walker," Kevin answered watching to see her reaction, "but afterwards I was thinking of spending a little time on the beach. Maybe...we could meet up for a drink or two?"

Mira had dropped her eyes to the PADD around the time he said he had made plans. It was just as well. She thought perhaps she should accept the invention she had been given. "What is it about the crew you wanted to talk about?" Had she missed something with them?

Kevin was disappointed. He had been hoping for a more positive reaction. "You have been assigned to the ship longer than I have. I would be interested in hearing your perspective," he gave Mira what he hoped was a warm smile.

Mira looked puzzled. "My perspective on what?" she looked at the crew list. "My perspective on the whole crew? We have good people. I am working with a few to make improvements. " This talk was going to take longer, then she thought her eyes went to her quarters then thought no. " I guess we could sit in the mess hall or the briefing room and go over them?"

"I could do with a cup of coffee." Kevin's analytical brain started to take over as they walked towards the mess hall. "Just the department heads. Your perspective on their abilities and reliability. As Second Officer, I need to know how they will react in a life-or-death situation. Who I can trust with what."

Mira nodded. "That is tricky. People you think you can depend on will freeze and can't focus or follow orders. Others well their true leadership qualities show."

{Mess Hall, Deck 2}

Mira got a large cup of bone broth and a bowl of Oskoid leaves then took a seat, assuming the roll of XO. When Kevin sat down, she looked at the names. " K'ner is now head of medical and part of the Haz team. She can and will handle anything. Our last O2 was also head of the Haz team working with K'ner and Kronnelti. If you have that kind of training, then you might want to step into that roll, or we could ask Kronnelti. Kronnelti is another that what can handle any situation and dependable. He will follow orders." Mira told him.

"Kronnelti is probably the better choice to lead the haz team," Kevin mused as he took a swallow of the Kona blend in his mug, "We're both security trained but during a red alert, my post is at flight conn." He made a notation on his PADD.

"We'll have to make a choice when assigning K'ner to missions. Whether to have her focus on the haz team or leading medical," he paused then continued, "I wonder how she rationalizes her participation on the haz team with the Hippocratic Oath."

"What about Rodriguez, Chin, and Zimia?"

"Our chief of engineering is security trained as well. I hope that will help him during a red alert. Rodriguez?"

She sighed."He is the most dependable. Chin is the most level head, and Zimia, believe it or not, she is brilliant with languages. When I see her get too bored, I pick a new language for her to learn. Then she will practice it on me." Mira grinned."She is good. she just lacks the drive to go after learning on her own."

Mira thought about it for a moment."They will follow orders. They just don't get that you have to be able to turn off all your emotions for as long as you have to and get the job done. The ship and Crew come first. Unless they are civilians or, like in the case of our last mission, a disabled ship.
We were already in front of them, or I would have ordered us to be. There are different scenarios you're going to have to condition your mind to use. So, when the time comes, you fall back on them."

Kevin was having trouble following her line of thinking. Was she talking about the junior officers or himself? Or was she talking about her own self. Regardless, Kevin nodded sagely. "'A crew will do what they are trained'" he quoted a leadership instructor from the Academy, "'Not what is necessarily wise.'"

"I thank you for you time, Commander," he said as he stood, picking up his PADD and mug. "I hope that we will have a chance to get that drink." He nodded and turned to depart.

Mira nodded, "I will be on the beach at some point." That had been her plan but she was now going to met up with some Risan friends and live a little. It had been a long time for her.


Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Chuck Norris


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