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Two Dudes Talkin'

Posted on Fri Feb 2nd, 2024 @ 11:25pm by Lieutenant Tracey Walker Jr & Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance

Mission: Guilty Pleasures
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

{Mess Hall, Deck 2}

Kevin took his tray from the replicator with his meal of fish, rice and vegetables. He turned to look for a place to sit but most of the tables were already occupied. Mira was nowhere to be seen. Thank Cochran for that. Kevin wasn't ready for the conversation that he needed to have with her.

There was an available seat at a table that Lieutenant Walker occupied, engaged with his own meal and a rather thick engineering tome. Kevin hadn't had much interaction with the newly appointed Chief Engineer since their attempt to rescue the executive officer on Risa a couple months back. He walked over to the table and asked, "Is this seat taken?"

Trace set down 'The Starfleet Guide to Heating and Cooling Shipboard Systems', a rather dry read that he was not enjoying...though, the bit about nitrogen delivery systems was rather engaging. "No Sir, have a seat. It's been awhile. How you holding up?"

It was a loaded question considering the past week he had experienced, but Kevin responded brightly as he sat down, "Oh, well enough I suppose. Congratulations on appointment as Chief Engineer."

"Thanks...truth be told, I never expected that. I just passed my officer's exam for crying out loud. Running a whole department...some of these guys have a lot more experience than I do. Anyway...I hear we're shipping out to Risa for some shore leave. Got any plans?"

"Nothing certain," Kevin replied after a bite of fish, "mainly heal and exercise. Might engage in a holonovel or two. You?"

Trace leaned back in his chair, casually observing the other occupants of the mess hall and judging distances. Kevin had seen this before, and Walker had the look of man about to share something he didn't want to become public knowledge. Then he leaned in closer.

"There's a ruined temple, about 75km inland. A buddy of mine runs a dig operation there. I'm thinking about checking it out," he said, just loud enough for Kevin to hear him.

"Sounds interesting," Kevin responded in a similarly low voice, "but surely it's existence is common knowledge. Why be so secretive?" He took a bite of vegetables.

"Because..." Trace said quietly, "Nobody knows about this." He set a metal ball the size of a fist on the table. It had shallow channels running across the surface in a complex pattern. "I came across this years ago in the tomb of an ancient Risan on Pilar V. Legend holds that it's the key to the Treasure of the Ancients. I believe there's a secret room here in Risa that this opens...if you believe that sort of thing." He said dismissively.

Kevin held the sphere in his hand. It was colder than he expected it to be.

"I really don't," he replied, "but are you looking for a partner? Visiting the ruins would be more exciting than laying out on the beach." Kevin had little real interest in trekking through the wilderness but it would give him a chance to bond with the new Chief Engineer and judge how far he could be trusted.

"I'm glad you asked," Trace said with a grin. "I could use someone I trust to watch my back." He said, standing. "I'll contact you when I'm about to head out.

"I'll be ready when you are," Kevin answered taking another bite of fish.


Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Chuck Norris




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