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A explanation is due

Posted on Mon Jul 20th, 2020 @ 5:50am by Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Various places
Timeline: 100 years ago and current

Off:I hope starting in the past and working into the present will help clear something up with my posts.

On: 100 years ago.

Ensign David to kirk.Ensign David to kirk.the captains communicator buzzed.Yes david? He replied to his picture on the flip up screen.Captain I think you may want to see this.Of course this man was referring to the file that now displayed on the ships computer screen.Your needed in the intelligence center.David added.

I'll be right there.Kirk replied.

What is this about david? Kirk asked. Well sir do you remember that woman on that planet that later became a yeomen that you couldn't save despite your better efforts? David replied.

Yes rae wyatt what about her? Apparently her son is alive. According to this his name is john wyatt.

Where is he? wyatt died saving my life it is my turn to return the favor.Kirk said proudly.

That is unnecessary captain as it appears that he is nearly 18 as well as living with his father.David corrected.

The confusion im having though is that it says that yeoman wyatt's body was never found.

That is true after the klingon fired its phaser at me she took the blast instead of me. Then I saw her phase away almost as if she was being beamed by another ship similar to ours.

So about her son where is he currently living? Hard to say the last thing Starfleet has on john wyat is he graduated from the academy a few months ago but nothing beyond that.

Is there a death record? Negative sir.
How is this possible? Kirk asked
I don't kn--wait I think I've got something.
It looks like he time traveled for a mission with his original crew but he decided to stay in the future with the approval of his captain.

Well theres more that needs to be unraveled David.
I know sir I'm sure Ensign wyatt thinks the same.
Do we know where he is currently?
It looks to be the mid 24th century captain.

Okay well I'll send mr.spock and bones there to meet him then bring him back here so I can ask him more about his mother.See if it can resolve any part of this mystery.kirk explained

****a week ago from current timelime******

Wyatt lie on his bed thinking about this base and the new crew members had be working with soon.
Then all of a sudden he heard a voice come from the speaker on the chuck norris.
Attention Ensign wyatt your needed in the transporter room.
Wyatt now confused as to why they needed him got up from his bed and went down there.

Soon he arrived only to find 2 figures in front of him long thought dead.

Of course wyatt knew who they were spock and bones. Something didn't sit though. It couldve been a prank like the time ensign pibb locked him in his room for a hour then convinced the crew that he had been erased from the timeline.

Or the time when someone put him in a simulation with various starship captains. Causing him to wind up in a simulation of the sick bay with a projected version of his sister.

Wyatt then decided to just go with it.

Hello Ensign wyatt we need you to come back with us as captain kirk has some questions about your mother.Bones said

She's alive if that's what you want to know.Wyatt replied with sass.

Besides I can't go without permission besides were docking at starbase 10 in 3 days.

Admiral Johnson has already approved it which overrides your captains approval. Besides your captain approved anyway as johnson told him about it.

The best decision logically is to come with us wyatt. Spock said.

Okay I'll go.

****3 days later(back in Kirk's time via wyatt)*****

I need to call the people of my ship captain I promised them I would. Do you have communications here? Yes 6th floor down the left hall and through door 7. Thank you sir.

After a hour or so of pushing buttons and other stuff wyatt finnaly figured it out and got ahold of them.

He told them he was on the enterprise and they told him they told him he hada temporary replacement while was away.

They talked for a good half hour then he had to go

Wyatt had explained everything he knew about his mother and what he had discovered to kirk.

Now kirk had decided he was going to find out more with wyatt

Off: hope this is okay and clears up stuff


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